The Best Makeup Techniques for Every Face Shape {2023}

The Best Makeup Techniques for Every Face Shape. Makeup, created taking into account the shape of the face, will always be winning. It will help to make the face visually more harmonious and attractive. Add to this a successful selection of shades according to the color type, taking into account the intricacies of planting the eyes – and you can’t take your eyes off of you!

How to Determine Your Face Shape

But how to independently determine the shape of the face at home? What are the features of creating makeup for each type? Let’s figure it out right now!

How to Determine Your Face Shape?

All faces are beautiful in their uniqueness. So whatever yours is, it’s enough to learn how to emphasize its winning sides and fall in love with yourself.

But in the fashion and arts industry, there is a conventional concept of ” ideal face shape “. It is considered an oval, which can be proportionally divided into three parts of the same size: from the hairline to the bridge of the nose, from the bridge of the nose to the base of the nose, and from it to the lower point of the chin. Thus, the forehead, nose, and jaw are approximately the same length.

There are several ways to independently determine the shape of the face at home using a ruler.

Option 1: Vertical.

  • Look at yourself in a large mirror, you should be reflected in it waist-deep.
  • Find the center point of the forehead on the border with the hairline.
  • Find the bottom point in the center of the chin.
  • The distance between these points will be estimated using a ruler. Divide it by three.
  • The resulting number was compared with the distance from the lowest point in the center of the chin to the center point between the wings of the sinuses.
  • If two indicators are equal or differ by 1 cm, then here it is, the ideal face shape.
  • If the difference is 2 cm in favor of the second parameter, the face is considered elongated.
  • But if the first value is much larger, then the face is considered complete.

Option 2: Horizontal

In this method, we measure one vertical with a ruler (the center line from the hair growth zone to the bottom of the chin) and three horizontals:

  • Forehead line;
  • Distance between temples;
  • Between the upper points of the cheekbones (the measurement should take place in the center of the back of the nose).

We will show a detailed decoding of the ratios below for each type of face.

The concept of ” ideal face shape ” is based on the principle of proportionality and harmony. In addition to the ratios indicated above, there are wishes for other parameters:

  • Eyes should be at a distance of one more eye from each other;
  • From the inner corner of the eye, a straight line descends to the widest points of the wings of the nose;
  • The pupils go straight to the corners of the lips.

Makeup Tips for Different Face Shapes

Oval modeling ( sculpting, contouring ) is a kind of visual “refinement” of the face. Highlight certain areas, and on the contrary, skillfully hide others in the shade to bring the general contours closer to the oval.

In make-up for all types of faces at home, it is important to choose the color range of decorative cosmetics for your color type, take care of moisturizing, and mask rashes or other minor imperfections.

To create the necessary play of light and dark areas, you can use sculptors, bronzers, correctors, highlighters, and light and darker shades of powder, or tonal.

Makeup Tips for Different Face Shapes

Oval face

In women with this type of face, the distance between the extreme points of the temples is half the vertical from the forehead to the chin. The cheekbones are the widest part.

It is this type that is considered the ” ideal face shape “. Its owners are lucky: you can not waste time on contouring but focus on highlighting accents, for example, in eye makeup.

And although such a face is a standard, it is important not to spoil it. For its owners, there are also tips for doing makeup at home:

  • Too thin and long eyebrows can break the natural visual proportions. Choose a classic shape with a gentle curve at the midpoint.
  • Bronzer and corrector can visually correct the shape of the nose: shorten (darken the tip and the extreme part of the sinuses), narrow (darken the wings of the nose) or, conversely, slightly expand ( illuminate the back with concealer ).
  • In lip makeup, also avoid distortion of proportions. Do not make them too thin and long, this will visually create an extra horizontal line. If you like to go beyond the contour with a pencil, remember about adequate moderation.

A variation of this type of face is an elongated oval. He has a longer chin and a high forehead. Makeup will have some important tips:

  • Darken the lower part of the chin and the area along the hairline.
  • Blush will also help visually return the oval to its ideal shape. To do this, apply them from the beginning of the cheekbones to the middle point of the ear. In other cases, you can apply the cheekbones to the temples.

Round face

In women with a round type of face, the distance between the temples and the vertical forehead chin is almost equal. They have fairly harmonious, but somewhat flat lines. The chin is rounded, and the cheekbones, jaw, and forehead are approximately the same size.

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The purpose of makeup is to stretch and visually narrow the face, and reduce the cheeks:

  • Along the hairline, apply a bronzer, sculptor, or foundation in a darker shade than the base product.
  • The contour of the face is also darkened, due to which the cheekbones will appear longer.
  • The central part of the forehead, nose, and center of the chin were illuminated with concealer. But it’s better not to get too carried away with a highlighter for such a correction, because you can get a greasy shine.
  • With a blush, stretch a line from the top of the cheekbones down towards the lips.
  • Instead of blush, you can use a bronzer to shade the area under the cheekbones and along the chin.
  • Do not apply blush on the apples of your cheeks, close to your nose.
  • Darken the cheeks on the side.
  • Highlighter on the tip of the nose and the center of the chin.
  • The area under the eyes was illuminated with a corrector because it is important to draw attention to the eyes.
  • Highlight eyebrows and lips to visually lengthen the face.
  • Make eyebrows with a sharp bend. This will balance the excessive roundness of the face.
  • The area under the eyebrow was illuminated and emphasized with a highlighter.
  • Don’t make your eyebrows too short as this will make your face look bigger. Their tail should end further than the outer corner of the eye.
  • Wide eyebrows are more suitable than thin ones.
  • In eye makeup, avoid too long arrows and stretching the color in breadth.
  • If the eyes are small or close-set, then to visually stretch them, emphasize the color outside the moving eyelid.
  • Long lashes should also be added to your arsenal when creating makeup for a round face.

Square face

In women with a square face, all the horizontal values ​​in the ruler method described above are approximately equal to each other. The owners of this type have a wide forehead and almost the same distance between the cheekbones.

Techniques will be focused on making the features less heavy, and round, adding smoothness, narrow the chin:

  • The bottom of the cheeks was illuminated with powder.
  • Darken the corners of the forehead.
  • You can lighten the hollow under the cheekbones a little.
  • Apply blush on the cheekbones in the shape of a triangle.
  • In eye makeup, emphasis on elongation is important: long arrows, almond-shaped.

Diamond face

Women with diamond-shaped faces are characterized by a narrow forehead and chin, and wide cheekbones. The features are quite angular, and they need to be made softer and smoother.

Receptions for this type of person:

  • Darken the sides of the cheekbones.
  • The depressions under the cheekbones and temples were highlighted to visually round the features.
  • Apply blush with a triangle on the front of the cheekbones, do not go to the sides of the face.
  • In eye makeup for a diamond-shaped face, focus on the upper eyelid.

Diamond Face Shape makeup tips

Rectangular face

In women with a rectangular faces, the distance between the temples is significantly less than the chin-forehead vertical. They have a high forehead, wide cheekbones, and an elongated massive chin, which must be visually reduced to achieve the ideal face shape. And in the area of ​​the cheeks and cheekbones, visually smoother lines should be achieved.

In makeup for a rectangular type, you need to emphasize the features of the central part (cheekbones, eyebrows, lips), brighten the center of the face, and darken the periphery.

Tips to help you with this:

  • Darken the face along the hairline and the lower part of the chin. For this, a darker shade of foundation, a sculptor, or a bronzer will help you with decorative cosmetics.
  • Do not forget to darken the sides of the forehead, thereby visually creating a smooth oval.
  • Also, make the area under the cheekbones, their lateral surface, and the sides of the chin darker.
  • The angularity of the cheekbones is softened by darkening, but the side of the cheeks is slightly illuminated.
  • With blush, increase the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe cheeks: apply with a triangle, and select natural shades for your skin tone.
  • Concealer and highlighter will help lighten the central part of a rectangular face.
  • In eye makeup, actively use light colors to visually enlarge them.
  • Emphasis on the eyes distracts from the cheekbones, so don’t forget to highlight the inner corners.
  • Lips visually make more. A pencil and a good choice of lipstick color will help with this.
  • Avoid narrow eyebrows. Better wide, without sharp lines.

Triangular (heart-shaped) face

The peculiarity of this type of face is in the imbalance of the lower and upper parts. This can be either a sharp chin with a wide forehead (inverted triangle) or a massive jaw with a much narrower forehead. A variation of this type is also a heart-shaped face.

To model a triangular face, use the following techniques:

  • If you have an “ inverted triangle ” face shape, then apply a dark corrector or a darker shade of tonal than the main one along the hairline and on the sides of the forehead.
  • Darken the sides of the cheekbones, and under them – a light corrector to visually expand the face.
  • Blush – on the apples of the cheeks and carefully blend, but do not stretch the color. Make a soft and gradual transition from the upper to the lower part of the face.
  • Darken the lower central part of the chin, and on the sides, on the contrary, add light.
  • The emphasis on the lips with color will divert attention from the sharp chin.
  • But if your jaw is the wider part, then vice versa: darken the lateral parts of the cheeks and chin, and brighten the lateral parts of the forehead, thereby visually balancing the image.
  • In eye makeup, focus on the center of the eye with color. The wider the eye makeup (due to shadows, and arrows), the wider the upper part of the face will appear. Keep this in mind when choosing a technique.
  • Eyebrows are best done smooth and soft.

Whatever your face type, remember that makeup should not have too clear lines and sharp transitions. Shade everything thoroughly! Dry textures – with a soft brush, and for liquid and creamy ones, take a sponge.

And in general, you should not strive to change facial features too much. After all, we remember the differences better than the same type of details. Proud of beautiful eyes – emphasize them. If you think lips are seductive, feel free to use lipsticks in rich colors. Appreciate your individuality every moment!