New Fashionable Manicure for the Summer of 2023

Each season poses the question for beauties, what to choose: trendy design novelties or absolute hits? Summer manicure is no exception. So if you have already signed up for your master, it’s time to decide what inspires you more: bright experiments or elegant tenderness.

Manicure for Summer

Why a Manicure is Important in Summer

Trends are not always about something new. As you can easily see further, in almost every season there are not only fashionable novelties but also actual hits from year to year. Summer, for example, inspires juicy fruits, chamomile fields, and blue sky, so it is not surprising that nail designs in bright colors, with floral ornaments or imitation of the shine of water in the sun are becoming popular. I have collected for you beautiful modern designs for both short and long nails. So it’s time for inspiration!

Trending Manicure Styles for the Summer

Wavy vibe

The sun warms the air, and now a light haze spreads over the horizon … It is not surprising that a variety of wavy lines are very characteristic of the summer manicure of 2023. Combine colors (for example, in a patriotic yellow-blue duet), and complement them with minimalist sliders or even rhinestones (but without expensive-rich ones).

Water Drops

Foreign manicure masters, including those who create nail art for stars, continue to experiment with 3D techniques, the trend for which began to develop last year. Some designs resemble real nail sculptures and may not be very comfortable in everyday life. But certain elements can inspire. For example, imitation of water drops on the nails.

Trending Manicure Styles for the Summer

Brilliant idea

Mother-of-pearl and chrome overflows are other trends that began to find fans in previous seasons and do not plan to disappear. In summer, it accurately emphasizes the mood of the season: the glare of the sun’s rays on the water and the radiance of pearls.

Stylish daisies

If I ask you to name a flower associated with summer, I am sure that chamomile will become one of the most popular. Therefore, it is quite expected that the ideas of modern manicures with it can be found for any length, even for long nails, albeit short ones. Daisies can elegantly complement a delicate jacket, or become a beautiful accent to a bright manicure.

Unusual jacket

French is another hit in nail design. If in previous seasons the masters played with color and experimented with contours, then among the novelties of the 2023 manicure is a double smile and a combination of 3D techniques, especially for long nails.

Pink-lilac tenderness

Even if pink was not one of the most popular manicure colors for girls, in the design of nails for the summer of 2023, he simply could not help but fall into trends. Indeed, in July the film “Barbie” is released, so pink-marshmallow tenderness will bloom in a wide palette from delicate milky minimalism to rich neon shades, with sparkles or even with rhinestones.

Green-purple tandem

Since I started talking about fashionable manicure colors, I will share another popular combination. A variety of shades of green, lavender, and purple are the base for creative experiments with nail design this summer. Lots of options:

  • Plain on short square nails;
  • Simple geometry for office manicures;
  • Colored jacket on oval nails;
  • Matte manicure for long nails

Boundless depth of blue

All shades reminiscent of the boundlessness of the sky and the depth of water bodies also fall into the TOP of popular summer 2023 trends. The stylish palette ranges from delicate blue combined with subtle sparkles to matte dark blue.

Bright nail design for fiery girls

You already know the main trends and novelties of 2023, but there are much more nail design ideas! So if you are a fan of bright multi-colored manicures and want bold experiments, then here is a selection of original and unusual options for you!

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How to Achieve the Perfect Summer Manicure

Summer is not only the time when you want bright colors. The tenderness and sophistication of the classic nude manicure also remain relevant. The design looks especially elegant with a delicate milky pink overflow on oval nails or calm matte shades on square ones. Such options will be a good solution for an office manicure or a stylish look for a festive event.

Manicure ideas for long nails

For long nails, you just want to play with a stylish design. They look good and elegant in classic nude, and chic, bold 3D designs, and multi-colored variations of the jacket. So if you have the longest nails, share in the comments what manicure trends you like the most.

Manicure ideas for long nails

Fashionable manicure for short nails

For short nails, I suggest considering exquisite minimalist designs. Of course, you can choose bright options for trendy colors, but delicate shades look more stylish. Complement them with a matte texture, floral elements, or glitter, and you will get a beautiful modern manicure for the summer of 2023.

I hope that among this selection of trendy nail design ideas for the summer of 2023, you have found the one that inspired and won your heart. Save the link to the article to always have this trendy cheat sheet at hand!


1: How long does a summer manicure usually last?

A summer manicure can last for about 1-2 weeks, but it depends on how you take care of your nails and what you do every day. Some designs may not last as long. To make your manicure last longer, you can apply a special clear coat every few days and be careful not to do things that might damage your nails.

2: Can I do my own summer manicure at home?

Yes, you can! With some practice and the right tools, you can give yourself a beautiful summer manicure at home. You can find tutorials online to help you learn how to do it step by step. It’s fun to experiment with different colors and designs to create your own unique style.

3: What are popular nail colors for summer?

During the summer, people like to use bright and happy colors on their nails. Some popular colors include orange, yellow, pink, and green. Light colors like baby blue and lavender are also nice for the summer. But remember, you can choose any color you like and make it your own special summer nail color!

4: What nail shape is best for summer?

There isn’t one specific nail shape that is best for summer. It depends on what you like and what shape your nails naturally have. But shorter and more practical shapes like round, square, or squoval (which is a mix of square and oval) are good choices for the summer. These shapes are strong and less likely to break when you’re playing outside.

5: How can I make my summer manicure stay nice without chipping?

To keep your summer manicure from chipping too soon, there are a few things you can do. First, use a clear base coat before applying your nail polish. This helps the polish stick better to your nails. Also, apply a clear top coat every few days to protect your nails. Try not to use your nails to do things that might make the polish come off, like picking at stickers. And if you’re doing something messy or using chemicals, it’s a good idea to wear gloves to protect your nails.