How to Choose the Right Eyebrows Shape and Colors for Your Features in 2023

It is no secret that well-groomed and beautiful eyebrows can give expressiveness to the face, set accents, and emphasize its natural beauty. But, unfortunately, many do not pay enough attention to them. And in vain, because eyebrows will be the number one topic of discussion this season, and you need to be aware of all fashion trends.

Trending Eyebrows 2023

In this article, we will consider not only the main trends of this year but also tell you what to consider when shaping a new eyebrow shape, how you can add zest to your appearance with the help of makeup, and other simple ways.

5 Main Trending Eyebrows 2023

Even though some brow-shaping decisions may seem very daring, you can still find the perfect option for yourself. Or maybe you want to experiment, because when is it better to do it, if not now?

1. Highlighted eyebrow

How much noise they made … Spectacular, memorable, and unusual – such eyebrows will set you apart. Many beauty bloggers and celebrities quickly picked up this trend. Light eyebrows give a certain mystery, making the image a little fabulous and at the same time futuristic.

Who will suit

Bleached eyebrows are a great choice for blondes and redheads. They will make facial features soft and the image more natural. While for girls with dark hair, such eyebrows will unnecessarily attract attention to themselves. But this does not mean that you need to lose the opportunity to stay on trend. Just pick a pencil or brow pomade in a lighter shade.

How to achieve the effect

If you want to try lightening the brows, there are two ways to do it:

  • Use paint to lighten / bleach eyebrows. You can change the color of the hairs at home, the main thing is to use the coloring agent correctly and accurately. Worried that the result will not be exactly what you would like? In this case, sign up for an eyebrow master.
  • Use concealer. It must have a matte finish and a light shade. Apply the concealer to the eyebrow brush and comb them first down and then up. Here are your eyebrows and highlighted ones!

2. Thin eyebrow

Do you remember the time when eyebrow threads were just at the top of their popularity? So they decided to break into the trends again and win your hearts. For those who do not suit wide eyebrows, thin ones may well suit. But are you ready for these changes?

Who will suit

These are the perfect eyebrow for round and oval faces. Also, women with softer facial features will be able to look at them.

How to achieve the effect

If you don’t have naturally thick eyebrows, try not to make them wider. Just draw carefully with a pencil.

But, when you don’t want to lag behind fashion trends, you can make your eyebrows a little narrower with tweezers. And when there is a desire to return to its former density, you can always use special serums for the growth of eyebrows and eyelashes.

Thin eyebrows

You can also do without tweezers. It is necessary to fix the former shape of the eyebrow with a resistant gel, cover it with foundation or concealer and simply draw a thin thread with a pencil.

3. Straight eyebrow

Eyebrows, devoid of an arc, look very attractive and neat. But it is worth noting that they are not suitable for every face shape. It is important to know that such an eyebrow visually narrows the eyes and expands the face. What do you think? We think it’s worth a try.

Who will suit

Straight eyebrows without a bend can coarsen the appearance, but for fair sex with an oval face, the such eyebrow will suit just fine. This shape of the eyebrow is not for a square face, as it can make it look rougher.

How to achieve the effect

Before experimenting with eyebrows, try to correct them with a pencil. Draw hairs with light strokes and model the desired shape. And it is not necessary to immediately grab the tweezers. Suddenly you do not like the result and you want to return the original version.

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4. Shiny and colored eyebrow

If you express yourself, then to the fullest! Bright multi-colored or shiny eyebrows are best suited for this. Yes, they require certain circumstances, because with such eyebrows you are unlikely to come to a business meeting, but for a noisy party this is a great option. Choose your favorite color and create different looks.

Who will suit

The shiny or colored eyebrow can afford to do everything. The only thing to consider is the color type of appearance because everything should look harmonious:

  • Winter – blue, dark blue, fuchsia;
  • Spring – shades of green, orange, red, and purple;
  • Summer – shades of cold and dusty pink, lilac, lemon yellow, and blue;
  • Autumn – burgundy, pumpkin, dark green, olive, emerald.
How to achieve the effect

To give the eyebrow a certain shade, you will need an eyebrow gel, highly pigmented shadows, or special tinting agents. Lay and fix the hairs and apply shadows. If you have dark eyebrows, you can pre-lighten them with concealer.

Making eyebrows shiny is easy. Arm yourself with brow gel and glitter. Style your hair, and simply apply glitter on top. Your radiant image is ready.

5. Fluffy eyebrow

Intrigued by the title? We are talking about textured and three-dimensional eyebrows, which have been a trend for more than a year. Lamination and beautiful styling of eyebrows will be at the top of their relevance in 2023 as well.

Who will suit

Fluffy eyebrows suit absolutely everyone. Properly selected shapes and styling will make any eyebrows attractive.

How to achieve the effect

This styling can be done at home using eyebrow gel, wax, or soap. Yes, it will take some time to neatly and beautifully style the hair. And you can fill in the volume and draw additional hairs with a pencil.

Interested in trying your brow lift? We just have an article with life hacks on this topic “ Secrets of laminating eyebrows and eyelashes at home ”.

Fluffy eyebrows

What do you think about eyebrow shaping this season? Isn’t it too bold or have you already chosen an image for yourself with which you will conquer the attention of others? Write in the comments, it is very interesting to know your opinion.