5 Tips: Discover How Home Cleaning Helps Weight Losing?

Are you curious! to know how shockingly home cleaning helps you to weight losing?. SensePot will tell you how to reset the hated kilo, doing household chores. At the current pace of life, when work is replaced by homework. It is not so easy to find time to play sports, but this does not mean that you need to start yourself.

Even doing standard household chores, you can throw a couple of unnecessary pounds. SensePot will tell you how to turn a home routine into a process useful for a figure. In a result of our experts suggested daily routine will helps you to keep your figure in control with a sexy smart figure.

Discover How Home Cleaning Helps Weight Losing


Yes, many, if not most, have a dishwasher that eliminates the need to come in contact with detergents. However, washing the dishes yourself at least 10 minutes a day will positively affect the state of your muscles: while actively working on the sink, you quietly pump your arm muscles and burn up to 100 calories, wiping and arranging the dishes in the cabinet. Not bad, agree?

We remove from the table

Even such an unpleasant activity, like cleaning the table after a big feast, will do you a favor. If you want to take all the food in the refrigerator at a time, leave this venture – make at least 15 approaches to the refrigerator. Most importantly, do not be lazy and show as much activity as possible in such a seemingly elementary lesson.

Do not be lazy to do homework

Do not create a comfortable home work environment.

How Shockingly Home Cleaning Helps Weight Losing

If you work at home, I’m sure you are used to being distracted from time to time by a cup of coffee or a glass of water that you brought from the kitchen in advance. Again, we do not create conditions that will not encourage you to get up from time to time. Do you want to drink tea? Stand and brew each time, instead of bringing it in advance. Even such minor physical shocks will help disperse the blood.

All on the shelves

Once a week, as a rule, we arrange spring cleaning. While your household is busy cleaning floors and windows, take care of all the cabinets and shelves. First, we take out all the things, wipe the places inside the cabinets and bookshelves that require cleaning, and then slowly return the things to their places.

The most important thing is not to rush, otherwise you will quickly get tired and instead of burning calories you will earn only back pain. Such an impact load can burn up to 500 calories once or twice a week.

Washing to strengthen the press

Naturally, you don’t need to wash a large number of things by hand, the machine will do just fine, your task is to mentally prepare for the serious load that involves hanging clothes. Having collected all the washed items in a basket or basin, do not put them on a chair or table: for each thing you will have to bend down. Slowly bending down, take one object, then also slowly straightening up, hang on a pipe and a rope.

Yes, at first the slow pace of work will annoy you, but the result in the form of a tightened press will cheer you up. Important: in no case do we make sudden movements so as not to damage the spine and joints.

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