Crown On The Head Good Manners For Women

The rules of good manners for women and men are different, but not cardinal. All people should be kind in dealing with others. However, there is a difference in behavior. After all, women are supposed to be feminine, and men are supposed to be masculine. What should the “weaker” sex pay attention to in order to resemble Lady Perfection?


A real woman attracts attention from the first second. She has an impeccable appearance. No need to chase fashion and buy only branded items. Clothing may be modest, but it must be clean and fit flawlessly.

Makeup should be discreet in daylight. Its purpose is to hide flaws and highlight advantages. In the evening, it is allowed to make brighter makeup. According to the rules of good manners in a public place, you can tint your lips, but to apply powder or other cosmetics, you need to visit the toilet room.



If, when meeting, they pay attention to appearance, then behavior plays a big role in the perception of a woman.

The right of greeting belongs to the man. But if a woman is a little late and joins a group of people, then she should say hello first. Handshakes are accepted at a business meeting. The rules of good manners provide for a glove on a woman’s hand. But hugging and kissing are permissible only with very close people.

The posture of a woman should cause a desire to stretch. You should mentally put a crown on your head and move in the right direction. If it doesn’t work out, training at home with a book on your head will help. The gait should be confident and calm. However, when communicating, the “crown” is not needed.

When talking, you also need to stand straight. It is not allowed to lean on a table, chair, or wall, and to gesticulate strongly with your hands is considered indecent. However, they cannot be hidden in pockets either. It is customary to press the hands slightly to the body.

When sitting, do not forget about posture. The back should remain straight. The legs are pressed against each other. If a woman has already sat on a chair, then she cannot move it while sitting. This must be done upon boarding.

Public places have their own nuances of behavior.

guests and restaurant. When seated at a common table, it is customary to greet everyone, and then say a personal greeting to those who sit on the left and right hand. No matter how much you would like to take a more appetizing piece from the plate, it is allowed to put only the nearest piece on your plate.
Indoors, in the absence of a wardrobe, it is permissible for a woman to remain in clothes. If there is a wardrobe, it is recommended to hand over outerwear, an umbrella, and a bag. Keep your handbag with you.


The lady cannot afford a violent expression of emotions. She is supposed to be always restrained when talking. Upbringing and education suggest the opportunity to keep up a conversation on various topics, but gossiping and talking too much about yourself are not considered good manners. It should be remembered that a woman should be a mystery.

A real woman will not “poke” the interlocutor, even if there is a child in front of her. She will not allow herself to raise her voice or insult. When talking on the phone, you should cover your mouth with your hand, but it is better to move away so as not to interfere.

To become Lady Perfection, you need to constantly work on yourself – to educate yourself, be able to sew, cook and keep the house in perfect order. The ideal woman cannot afford to be even a little lazy. But ideal people do not exist, so the most important rule of good manners is not to forget about femininity.

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