5 Magical Dancing Workouts To Lose Weight

Discover The Most Magical 5 Useful Dancing Workouts To Lose Weight and Get Your Body In Shape

Dancing Workouts To Lose Weight

By the time the exercises in the gym seem monotonous. Just the look of dumbbells makes you sad, but you still want to lose weight. Dancing will come to the rescue. No, not in a nightclub in an embrace with a cocktail, but in a fitness club. The choice of dance training is rich today. SensePot brings you lots of options that will cheer you up and help in losing weight.

5 Magical Dancing Workouts To Lose Weight

Zumba – Dancing Workouts

Best Dancing Workouts To Lose Weight Checked – with a dance training called Zumba it is simply impossible to leave in a bad mood. Extraordinary movements to incendiary Latin American rhythms not only energize for the whole day, but also help to work out almost all muscle groups. And most importantly, dance does not require flexibility or years of experience in a ballet school: coordination and a sense of rhythm are all that you need.

Zumba appeared in the early 2000s – a choreographer from Colombia came up with a workout. That is why the movements are very similar to Latin American dances: there are elements from samba, salsa, and even Cuban mambo. The coach teaches you several movements that are repeated in bundles – you won’t be bored.

And the main plus – in an hour of training, you can throw up to 500 calories, which equals the average portion of french fries.

Belly Dance – A Great Dancing Workout For Lose Weight

Around The World, the trend for oriental dancing appeared after the release of the series “Clone” and still has not lost ground. Try it, even if you don’t know who Zhadi is, during the classes those muscles are worked out that you did not know existed before.

Yes, among oriental dancers there are many owners of magnificent forms, but this is more a tribute to traditions than the result of exercises. The more noticeable the volume of the body, the more spectacular the movement. But if you do not claim to be the dancer of the year, but just want to burn calories and develop plastic, belly dance is right for you.

It is he who allows you to work out the deep muscles of the abdomen, back and pelvis, which usually no trainer can use. In addition, regular classes in oriental dances help prevent some female diseases and strengthen the cardiovascular system.

About 400 calories are burned per hour, which is equivalent to a piece of biscuit cake.

Strip dance Workout – An Other Way To Get Your Body In Shape

5 Magical Dancing Workouts To Lose Weight
Dancing Workouts To Lose Weight

Do not rush to throw off your sweatpants – strip plastic has nothing to do with striptease, although it also requires a certain emancipation (not to be confused with vulgarity). Who is this activity shown to? Those who feel very constrained in the presence of strangers and those who are striving for weight loss, of course.

Get inspired by the clips of The Pussycat Dolls (learn how their ex-vocalist trains, learn here) and get ready for the fact that you will have to master the elements of ballet and Latin American dance, as well as additionally sign up for a stretch.

Strip plastic uses the maximum amount of muscle and not only helps to lose weight quickly, but also improves posture. Like any other exercise, strip dance has contraindications – if you have problems with the musculoskeletal system and, in particular, with the knees, consult a doctor before class. Otherwise, get knee pads and comfortable high-heeled shoes and go to the body of your dreams.

In an hour, you can burn more than 500 calories – that is, an average portion of fried wings.

Barre – One Of The Most Effective Dancing Workout Reduce Body Weight

Those who are not looking for easy ways are advised to try Barre – a very fashionable direction with elements of ballet and cardio training. Now everyone can feel a little Natalie Portman in the “Black Swan” and practice at the machine – especially since the ballerina’s body will eventually come in the kit.

Most Effective Tips Dancing Workouts To Lose Weight
Dancing Workouts To Lose Weight

Barre is not a new type of activity, it existed back in the 60s, and of course, the real ballet dancer Lotte Burke came up with them (we wrote about one of the clubs equipped with machine tools here ). You do not have to dress up in a pack and work out complex ligaments – everything is based on simple “pa” and exercises, which are incredibly difficult to repeat at the same time. During the barre, every muscle in the body is pumped, and calories are burned as fast as during normal cardio training.

In an hour you can lose more than 400 calories – and this, by the way, is a whole burger.

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Hip-hop Dancing Workout To Maintain Sexy Body Shape

Useful Dancing Workouts To Lose Weight

This type of dance training is for the most progressive and young at heart. Hip-hop movements seem too harsh and rough, but in reality, they improve the plastic not worse than the exercises at the machine. The dance can be safely classified as cardio training: blood circulation is enhanced, the cardiovascular system is strengthened, and the playlist is replenished with new hits by Kanye West and Drake (seriously, hip-hop dancers always have a great musical taste).

Get ready for the fact that the knees will have a hard time – there are a lot of jumps, sharp drops, and upheavals in the dance.

But you can burn up to 600 calories, which is equivalent to four slices of pizza with cheese.