How Long To Beat Resident Evil 7 Village?

How Long To Beat Resident Evil 7 Village and How Far From 8-10 Hours? Despite the fact that there is no strong negative to the game for its duration, as in the case of the remake of part 3. There are still opinions in the media and comments that, they say, 8 hours for the passage is not enough. Collected in one place all the not far-fetched ways to prolong the pleasure of the games.

The article will consider all the features of the game, clearly indicated by the developers and affecting the time spent in the game. That is indicators of progress, achievements, and other challenges to the player, which the game clearly records in a special menu of challenges or achievements. There will be no invented challenges.

There will be no strong plot spoilers in the article, but still, if you are a fan of learning everything yourself, then some sections may spoil your pleasure from future playthroughs. In any case, if you have completed the game at least once, then you can safely read to the end. The pictures are taken from the official promos for the game and are used to dilute the text, they are not spoilers.

How Long To Beat Resident Evil 7 Village

There are no detailed lists of treasures, notes, and other things in the article: I just want to list these possibilities, and the lists themselves are already a lot on the Internet, for example, in guides on Steam. Also, the article is not a step-by-step guide for 100% completion. It is possible in at least 3 complete playthroughs, but only after careful planning of your actions and/or studying the guides on the Internet.

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How Long To Beat The Game For The First Time With All Quantitative Content?

How Long To Beat Resident Evil 7 Village. The main source of challenges and, accordingly, the prolongation of pleasure from it is the challenge section, which opens after a single passage. There are 95 challenges in the game, for which points are awarded. These points can be used to buy various features, the most valuable of which are new types of weapons in the main game and endless ammo for all types of weapons.

If you not only want to take everything from the game but also do it at no extra cost, then there are 2 basic rules for saving the game that make it easier to complete challenges:

  • Quantitative challenges, such as killing N enemies, can be completed by saving and reloading – progress will be saved
  • Purchased bonuses of infinite weapons are valid for all saves of the game. Therefore, a completely normal situation: save in 1 save, sell everything you can and get a lot of dough, add money to the full weapon upgrade, go to the bonus menu, buy infinite ammunition for it (the purchase is available only when the weapon is fully pumped), load 1 save, and get infinite ammo without spending money on pumping.

This is the first playthrough of the game on Normal difficulty. The game is quite passable without research and searching for all the secrets, but since the developers provide such opportunities, why not take advantage of them.

  • Clear all red locations. As in the remakes of parts 2 and 3, missed items at locations are marked in red. As soon as all the items are found, the location on the map will light up blue – you can go further. This will not lead to achievements but is an obvious indicator of the exploration of the game world.
  • Find all the treasures. The merchant will mark them on the map as golden chests in the first half of the game.
  • Do not sell all-composite treasures, combine them, then sell cook all the merchant’s recipes. In addition to achieving this goal, you will also pump the parameters of the hero
  • Use all the possibilities that the game clearly throws you: find rare animals from photographs, open all non-plot doors with each new key, look for treasures by maps, go into every house, go around all wells, go through all 4 labyrinths with a ball
  • Read all 47 records
  • Destroy 20 goats
  • Open all 10 toilets
  • Break all 19 breakable windows in the castle

Beat the game on Hardcore difficulty

How Long To Beat Resident Evil 7 Village. If the game hooked on for the first time and seemed difficult, then the second time you can run it on 3 difficulties in the New Game +, saving all the acquired property, but adding difficulties and at the same time closing some of the challenges and saving up money for the most difficult passage.

If you buy a new weapon that Ethan doesn’t have in normal play, you’ll get a different gaming experience.

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Beat the game on Eerie Village on maximum difficulty

This is the hardest game mode. It opens after 1 playthrough of the game or when you purchase the Deluxe edition (at the same time, it is possible to play the game in it from 1 time, but it is clearly not recommended). In this mode, the health of enemies and damage to you are maximized, but not only. In many battles, enemies appear that were not there before.

It is recommended to go with endless ammo, but there will be no easy life.

Official Speedrun

Complete the game in 3 hours.

Beat the game with only the knife

And get a completely different gaming experience, as is usually the case in the Resident Evil series

Officially complicate your walkthrough

Several challenges for the full passage in special conditions:

  • Use less than 5 healers
  • Do not spend more than 10 thousand coins
  • Complete the game without crafting
  • Complete the game without moving items in your inventory

Challenges with bosses

How Long To Beat Resident Evil 7 Village:- It is recommended to pass them on an easy level of difficulty and with pumped-up guns, but still, it is not so easy to pass them.

Kill 4 bosses in the game in the allotted time. You can check how much time you spent in the description of the challenge in the settings. If, after killing and opening the challenge menu, you are not credited with it, reboot (be sure to manually save, since after killing the autosave will be overwritten).

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Master the Mercenary mode

Mercenaries open after completing the game and are available for an opening for a symbolic amount. This is not the biggest game mode, but it can drag on for a long time.

I will not describe all of its capabilities, I will only list the official challenges that it provides.

  • Go through all the cards at least once. It’s not that difficult, just kill the required number of enemies in any way and go to the exit
  • Get an S or A rank on all cards in the game. This will already require speed, tactics, learning the route and the order of appearance of enemies on the maps, and there are also higher ranks (but passing them for achievements or challenges is not required)
  • Get 22 perks
  • Gain a combo of 30 killed enemies
  • Cause 10 thousand damage with 1 shot

Finish off quantitative challenges

They look far-fetched, which I didn’t want to write an article about. But since they give points for them, which can be spent on more interesting challenges and repeated passes, I will list them. All of them can be obtained by saving and loading.

  • Open 15 locks with a master key
  • Craft 300 items
  • Kill 40 animals (crows count as well)
  • Kill 20 enemies with attacks from other enemies
  • Kill 150 enemies with headshots
  • Kill 1500 enemies
  • All sacred challenges with killing enemies with specific weapons

Finish off small remaining challenges

These challenges, like the rest, give points, and they are more or less pleasant to complete.

  • Roll an inflatable ball from the nursery to the office in the prologue
  • Defend and immediately push the enemy away
  • Shoot a soldier hanging on a conveyor belt in a factory
  • Beat off a burning arrow with a knife
  • Kill 3 enemies with an explosion or a shot from a pumped-up weapon
  • Shoot a flying enemy at a long distance with a sniper rifle
  • Kill the upgraded wolf in the fields near the cemetery (when you return to the village before going to the factory)
  • Kill a giant with a hammer on the first attack in the village and kill 30 werewolves there
  • Knock the sword out of the zombie
  • Blow up a gargoyle with a mine
  • Remove all armor from an armored soldier in a factory
  • Start photo mode
  • All challenges associated with the accumulation of exactly the specified amount of money, including a quantitative challenge of 8 million
  • Find, save and buy and install all upgrades for all weapons in the game. Fortunately, even weapons sold ahead of time can always be bought back and upgraded.
  • Craft everything you can at least once
  • Buy all concept art and character models


How Long To Beat Resident Evil 7 Village. The first almost complete playthrough of the game took me 11 hours. Resident Evil Village is an eventful game that constantly throws you in different situations, and you want to at least replay it with a fresh look. The developers have added a bunch of challenges to it, which are difficult to ignore if you are used to taking the maximum out of games. I already understand that I will not go through all of them, but even if at least a little try all the possibilities of the game without reading the manuals, you can play it for a long time. With these features, the game is well worth the money.