How To Buy A House? Real Estate Recommendations and Tips 2023

Real Estate Recommendations and Tips | How to buy a house?

Land Under The House

This is very first thing to be consider in “How To Buy A House?“. Those who are eyeing the acquisition of their own home have already met more than once or twice with such definitions as individual housing construction, gardening, farming and the like. Now we will try to figure out what are the pros and cons of each category of land.

Houses IZHS. Buying a house on land intended for individual housing construction may be the right decision. After all, there are all conditions for living and, most importantly, no restrictions, except for the number of stores. Well, in the sense that they will not let you build an apartment building on IZHS lands. Otherwise, you get all the benefits, such as registration, an independent decision on what should be on the site and what should not be, and so on.

Real Estate Recommendations

Houses In A Cottage Village

This is another great option to consider when you are thinking about “How To Buy A House?” It is all about acquiring trouble-free real estate. In addition to the fact that these houses are available for registration. However, in some projects also include such benefits as centralized gas heating, water and good electricity supply. Buying a house in a cottage village is beneficial for those who wish to purchase a fairly typical house at a reasonable price.

Houses on the lands of settlements

Buying such a house can contribute not only to personal pleasure, but also bring benefits to its owner, because buildings on the lands of settlements can also be commercial in nature. Buyers sometimes consider abandoned villages as a place to create a recreation center or an authentic gated village for redactors or cos-players.

Houses on industrial land

It is worth saying that industrial land appeared as a result of the allocation of part of the land for the construction of factories and plants that were moved beyond the boundaries of the settlements. Therefore, as a rule, there is a problem with public transport, so if you are interested in houses on industrial lands, be prepared to travel there on your personal transport.

Houses on agricultural land

Perhaps the biggest minus of agricultural land is the inability to obtain a residence permit in the house. In all other aspects, it is a pleasure to consider houses on agricultural lands. Typically, houses of this type have a lower price, especially in comparison with IZHS houses, as well as good allotments of land for a garden or vegetable garden.

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How To Choose A Location

A significant role in choosing a house is played by its position relative to the cardinal points. Someone prefers houses in the south , where snow melts earlier, and more opportunities to grow a full-fledged crop. Someone is attracted to houses in the west , especially for those who have many friends abroad in that direction and love to invite them to their cottages in order to sit and socialize under the barbecue.

The northern direction was and remains popular among residents. Houses in the north , most often, are purchased by those who want to live closer to the bay or to the benefits of civilization, because in the north there are the largest number of developed cities and towns. Houses in the east. This is a special direction, because in contrast to the western direction, the borders of the Leningrad Region extend very far to the east. Here you can find both houses located close to the city, and small, very remote villages, where there is the opportunity to completely merge with nature and listen to the silence.

Benefits of Owning a House

Perhaps there are several undeniable advantages in owning a home:

A private house allows the owner to freely receive many guests.

It (the house) can be increased in area, both in height due to the superstructure of another floor, and in width, by adding an extension.

Owning a house within the city allows you to live on your own land without being separated from civilization and its benefits, including convenient access roads and the availability of large centers within walking distance.

A house in the village is convenient in that it can serve as both the main dwelling and the summer house , and you will always be sure that your property will not be robbed, because people live nearby and the village itself often has security.

If you want to buy a house on the beach this will oblige the owner to be a hospitable owner, because many residents of megalopolises dream of sitting in silence by the water. Having a house on the shore of a pond you are doomed to many who wish to come to stay in your paradise.
In any case, a country house is a very useful acquisition that will save you not only from noise, making you feel closer to nature, but will also be a very impressive liability, which, in extreme cases, can be realized or turned into an asset, letting it go every year for the summer or on New Year’s holidays.

How To Consider The Price of A House?

Usually those who want to buy a house are divided into several categories.

Those who want to buy cheaper and sell more expensive. Such people, as a rule, consider buying inexpensive houses to buy , in order to sell the land more profitably in the future, sometimes due to the rise in price of the land itself.

People with limited means who want a small country house to come with children for the summer, grow vegetables and fruits, relax from the city in peace and quiet, listen to birds in the morning and meditate at sunset. For them, price and location are very important, so economy houses are suitable for such people.

Customers considering moving from the city to a permanent place of residence in the nearest suburbs. They are already considering warm, suitable for permanent residence premium houses , where not only insulated walls, but also all amenities like water, gas and sewage. Where can I get a residence permit and live in peace without worrying that after the sale of the apartment I remained “homeless”.

Wealthy people for whom a country house is not just a summer residence, but a whole estate with a maid, family silver and a large dining table. Such people consider not just elite houses , but exclusive houses that look nothing like them, because such a house is not just housing, it is a status, it is real estate that you can be proud of, where more than one generation will grow in the future. This is a family nest, which is able to gather a huge family and give a roof to all loved ones.

But, no matter what price the house is chosen, everyone wants to buy a house in a developed area so that there are as few problems as possible with access roads, life support and all the functions necessary for a person.

How to choose a house by construction or design?

When there is a desire to buy a house, sometimes, there is not always an idea of ? what in the end you want to get?, So, we decided to talk a little about what parameters should be paid attention to when choosing a house.

For example, you can buy a finished house, but the buyer must understand that there can be hidden flaws in this house that the owners prefer to keep silent about, and in the end you can get a house that blows on the floor or has cracks in the walls. Therefore, it is better to go to the views with a specialist. By and large, buying a new home, the client is not safe from unpleasant surprises, but to notice some flaws in the new house is still easier.

Therefore, to buy a house, the best time will be the time from autumn to spring, when you can see the driveways during the autumn and spring rains, and how the roads are cleaned in winter, and most importantly, how the house behaves in the cold. Almost always buying suburban real estate, a person implies that in any case it will be a house with a land plot , which he will be able to arrange to his liking, breaking a small garden or arranging an English lawn.

Even acquiring a townhouse , a person receives a small plot of land, where you can at least go out and have a picnic in the air with barbecue and gatherings on the grass.

Variety of choices in buying a house

In addition to the price characteristics of the house, spatial characteristics are also very important. Offered for sale houses of different floors. Most often, of course, there are one-story and two-story houses, less often three-story houses are offered for sale. Quite rarely there are four-story palaces.

Whatever house you choose, it is worth remembering one thing – now it is your house and everything is in your hands. So, that it becomes the warmest, kindest and most comfortable place for you, your family and lovely pets.