7 Tips On How To Deal With A Girlfriend Who Has Been Abused

Today we have a serious topic. And very sad, unfortunately. How To Deal With A Girlfriend? According to statistics, more than a third of all women on the planet are physically or sexually abused at least once in their lives. About 35% of women fall prey to strangers. Another 30% experience violence in the family or in close relationships (violence against them is committed by their boyfriend!).

And these are terrible numbers. Domestic violence is all the worse because it is committed by the one we trust the most, the one from whom we seek to support and care. How To Deal With A Girlfriend and this is not a joke. A girl, never and under any circumstances, should not be afraid of the one who is next to her.

7 Tips On How To Deal With A Girlfriend Who Has Been Abused

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Perhaps this has never happened to you. How To Deal With A Girlfriend? But you may know someone to whom this happened. Seeing that your friend is in such a relationship is very difficult. It breaks my heart. How to deal with an LP who is being abused by someone he loves? After all, she may not fully realize what is happening to her? How can I help her? How to talk to her? Read our tips.

07. Speak but don’t push

If you suspect or know for sure that your friend has been abused, the first thing you should do when talking to her is to find out how she is feeling. Let her know that you are there and ready to help and listen. If you see that she needs to speak out, do not interrupt her. If, on the contrary, she feels uncomfortable and cannot tell you what happened, give her time. How to find the right words? Don’t push. She may be scared and upset. She may not know how to deal with her feelings. If you push, it will only alienate you from each other.

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06. Don’t listen to her excuses

In most cases, girls who have been abused try to justify the rapist. Abusers are usually good manipulators. They manage to instill guilt in their victim. They convince the girl that she herself did something bad and deserved such a punishment. When you accuse him, you can hear from her: “It is my own fault that this happened”, “He did not mean exactly that.” Do not believe it! Nothing ever justifies violence.

05. Understand that you cannot control the situation

Accept the idea that it may not be possible to help the LP in such a situation. How To Deal With A Girlfriend and that will upset you a lot. But the fact remains, you cannot change that and force LP to leave the abuser. You must be there, but at the same time, you must understand that you are unlikely to be able to attract all the positive world energy to fix it. Sometimes you may feel guilty about what happened to your friend. It’s clear. But don’t let these feelings take over you. You do the best you can.

04. Do not confront the rapist

We understand, seeing how your LP is being bullied is unbearable. This is infuriating. But refrain from taking the situation into your own hands and trying to influence the one who offends your friend. First, you yourself can get hurt. Secondly, he can punish her for turning to you for help. Do not risk.

03. Tell somebody

If you feel like your friend is in trouble, turn to an authority figure. Do not carry this heavy burden alone. Tell her parents what is happening. If you think this is not the right solution, turn to someone else you trust. A teacher, a school psychologist, your parents – it could be anyone. You can go to the police, but they’re unlikely to do anything if they don’t have proof. And don’t feel guilty about telling a friend’s secret. She needs help.

02. Accept that she might be mad at you

If you decide to tell someone else about what’s going on, be prepared for LP to go berserk. If her relationship ends, for this reason, she may experience pain and loss. She may well turn her rage on you. Get ready for this. Perhaps one day, someday she will understand that you wanted to help her.

01. Be with her

Whatever happens, stay close to your friend. Listen to her if she needs to talk. Just hug her if she needs your support. Even if she is silent, be there to make it easier for her. And when she gets angry, try to understand her. Even if she does not realize it now, she needs a friend next to her more than ever.