How To Wear A Face Mask Correctly| 5 Do & Don’ts

Are you wearing a face mask or medical mask correctly? Do you know “How to wear a face mask properly? For what reason do most of us wear medical masks on the wrong side. Yes, common face masks have two sides, Inner side, and outer side. If you are wearing a face mask on the wrong side, stop this, because this will not beneficial for you. Because we use to wear a face mask in some needful conditions. This is useful to wear to prevent dust, pollution, viral infections, and several other situations.

So, today we are here on to show you the right way to wear a face mask. We bring professional recommendations. So, keep reading until the end to learn the right way to wear a face mask.

How To Wear A Face Mask Correctly

What can be difficult in a medical or face mask?

It is difficult to believe in this, but the sad practice speaks for itself – a significant part of ordinary citizens who are not related to medicine wear masks to protect the respiratory tract incorrectly. Today we’ll talk about how to avoid such mistakes, as well as what you should know about the medical mask.

The sad fact is that the vast majority of people who are not involved in medicine do not know how to wear a protective hygiene mask. In the best case, if improperly worn, the mask does not fulfill its functions of individual protection of a person. In the worst case, it does direct harm to its owner. So how do you do it right? In fact, everything is extremely simple.

Two Sides of Face Mask

You should immediately pay attention to the fact that the protective medical mask has two sides, with one white (light) and the other blue, blue (dark). And here the details come into play. If a person is sick himself and does not want to infect others, then he should wear the mask with the white side to himself. At the same time, if a person is healthy and wants to protect himself from germs, then the white side of the mask should be directed outward.

What’s the point?

The fact that the light (white) side is an air filter, and the dark (blue) side is a surface covered with an antibacterial substance.

Surely, many are wondering how long a medical mask can serve? Disposable medical masks purchased at the pharmacy serve faithfully for only two hours, after which they become useless to humans. “Reusable” masks, sewn independently or at the factory, serve depending on the number of protective layers they have. On average, 1 layer is 1 hour. It should also be remembered that reusable masks need to be washed after each use.

What Can Protect A Face Mask From?

In addition, many people do not quite understand whether the mask really protects against something, who should actually wear it, and what its real effectiveness is. In general, a medical mask can be described with the words “better than nothing.” To wear individual funds in the viral season should be both sick and healthy people.

This will provide the highest level of protection. There is no alternative to a mask to protect the respiratory tract (there is, but you will not go to work in a gas mask or a helmet. Moreover, the effectiveness of the mask can be very high, especially in combination with other measures to protect the body from viruses and infections.

Finally, you can ask: what if you pull on yourself, your beloved two, or even three protective masks! Will there be any sense in such a step? There will be very little sense from this, since in order to provide at least some protection the mask should fit snugly to the face.

This, by the way, makes it virtually useless on the street, especially in windy weather. So it is best to wear a mask only in rooms, before entering public places and before boarding public transport.

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