10 Halloween Makeup Trends

The holiday under the motto “the more terrible, the more beautiful” is already very close Halloween Makeup. And with it, the reason to finally try a holographic highlighter, blue lipstick, or false eyelashes. You can show your creativity to the fullest, shocking the audience in a bold way. Makeup plays a key role here.

Halloween Makeup Trends For Girls

Today are happy to help with dozens of brilliant Halloween makeup ideas. In the selection – both simple and more complicated techniques, accompanied by tips on the necessary cosmetic products.

Halloween Makeup Trends For Girls

The overwhelming taste of popularity is easy to feel if you choose famous characters for Halloween. Heroes of horror thrillers, fantasy, and cartoons are relevant at all times: clowns, zombies, ghosts, witches, etc. Such bows require more time compared to regular makeup, but the result is worth it.

The choice is limitless. Therefore, proceed from the goal: to surprise, intimidate, or just have fun with drive. Having settled on a specific idea, it is easier to choose the key colors and paraphernalia for makeup. And be sure to test the selected cosmetics in advance. If you are new to thematic makeup, we advise you to bet on the classic set:

  • Primer;
  • Palettes with multi-colored pigments;
  • Sets of sponges and brushes;
  • Glitters ;
  • Bright lipstick;
  • Black eyeliner.

10 Tips for Applying Halloween Makeup

1. For supporters of classic techniques, you can make smokey ice with a black gel pencil and highlight your lips with bright orange lipstick. Contrast and harmony at the same time.

2. For those who are ready to go further, we suggest making accents in the form of blood. It is not at all necessary to make up the entire face: streaks of red pigment under the eyes or lips are enough.

3. But the image of a vamp lady leaves the right to remain feminine: cat-like arrows and burgundy lipstick on a pale face look attractive. In this case, you get relatively light make-up, but it will be at the same time as thematic as possible.

4. Gothic images will never go out of fashion for Halloween. Pay attention to the Makeup Me Professional palette to repeat one of your favorite ideas. Shadows convey the declared shade well, so they are ideal for make-up at home. Feel free to add a black accent to your lips.

Gothic images

5. Bright spirals and curls, cobwebs on the cheeks, and spiders on the eyelids are also from a series of simple tricks that are easy to repeat at home.

6. A frightening image of a zombie is a white-gray skin tone + contact lenses. If we talk about additional beauty products, then it’s great to have blue pigment on hand to depict bruises and cadaveric spots. Be sure to watch horror movies for inspiration!

7. A glamorous skull is a simple classic where you just need to masterfully work with a brush and paints. Just draw all the details on the face, adding shiny pebbles.

8. Halloween is impossible to imagine without mythical creatures, such as fairies, devils, or unicorns. It is not difficult to reincarnate even with the help of improvised palettes, glitters, colored mascara, and neon eyeliner with stamps.

9. Experiments on an animalistic theme are interesting. Play with shades, embellishments, and other decorative details to create your own original look.

10. Captures the horror of the thought of old dolls with cracks and false eyelashes on the lower eyelids.

There are countless ideas, so we invite you to look at the photo gallery!

Halloween Makeup Options for Guys

Guys, as a rule, choose images of superheroes, inhabitants of the other world, romantic characters, or villains from famous films for Halloween. Skeletons, werewolves, demons, or vampires are options for real brutality. Batman, a pirate, a gangster from Chicago, and Spider-Man – heroes who always inspire admiration.

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Check out the photo gallery!

Choosing a Halloween Makeup Look

For a couple who decided to attend a party together, you can choose a holistic image. Here are a couple of hints:


The vampire guy has a jaw with fangs and drops of blood in the corners of his lips and on his clothes. The frightened girl has bite marks on her neck. A befuddled look, pallor, and bruises under the eyes are from the same series.

Vampires makeup

Harley Quinn and the Joker

Red lipstick, white makeup, and a bold look for both. The costume is in the theme and the canonical reincarnation hits the target: it frightens and shocks.

Life hacks for creating harmonious images

The girl with the tattoo

For this look, you need to pick up flash tattoos, dark shadows, and blood-red liquid lipstick. After applying a light tone, paste the tattoo on the face, neck, and arms. Highlight the eyelids with dark shadows. Imitate traces of blood with red lipstick.

A dead bride

Go for a pale blue, gray, or dead white complexion. Darken the cheekbones and eyelids with gray shadows. Lips decorate with dark brown lipstick or draw a “grin” of the skull. Now it’s time for the shine! Small sparkles, colored foil, or rhinestones, which are used to decorate nails, will help.

Plastic victim

The main idea is the dotted lines that the surgeon draws on the faces of patients before plastic surgery. For this, a regular black pencil is enough. A plaster on the cheek will complement the image.


The image of the desired princess is played up with a black wig and colorful make-up, where there are a lot of shadows and highlighter shine. A black thick arrow, complemented by a gold eyeliner, looks impressive. And do not feel sorry for the bronzer in the cheekbones!

Mermaid in the city

To simulate scales, use a stocking in a mesh or a washcloth bow. Grab your favorite eyeshadow palette and makeup brushes! First, do a daily make-up, emphasizing the eyebrows and eyes. After that, tightly attach the mesh and apply multi-colored shadows on the face with a fluffy brush, making smooth transitions of shades. You can decorate the entire face or just the cheeks and cheekbones. After forming the “scales”, remove the mesh and add shine. Highlighter, pearls, glitter, or sequins are suitable for these purposes. Make up your lips with turquoise or purple lipstick. That’s it, your creative make-up is ready.


You can convey the mood of almost any idea as much as possible with the help of cuts and scars. To simulate torn skin, prepare a mixture of starch, petroleum jelly, and foundation. Having kneaded well, you will get a plastic mass.


To make your own “blood”, mix the sugar syrup with the dye. You can also use starch-based berry jelly. With this mixture, it is easy to recreate relief lacerations.

In our everyday life there are not many reasons for shocking makeup, so on the eve of a dark and cold winter, you should allow yourself to be transformed beyond recognition. Which Halloween ideas resonate with you: scary or beautiful? Share in the comments!