Best Makeup Tips for Square Faces {2023}

The rules of the game in the make-up of a square face are up to you since we are talking about shape modeling. This is the case when you can forget about trends and think about what really transforms. We show the main methods of correction with the help of cosmetic products.

simple makeup for a square face

Key features of a square face

The same width in the middle of the forehead, eyes, and jaw are the main differences between a square face. Simply put, it’s narrowing from the forehead to the bottom is minimal, so the chin area looks massive. But the owners of this face shape often have well-defined cheekbones. It is enough to slightly correct them by darkening them at the bottom.

And although makeup artists consider the square shape of the face one of the most difficult in terms of correction, even with the help of the usual set of decorative cosmetics and simple techniques, you can correct the situation.

What effect is achieved when correcting a square face shape?

The task is to soften the angularities and visually make the outline oval. It is important to reduce the width of the chin, forehead, and cheekbones. To do this, highlight the central part of the face and darken the side. It is the correct tone of the face that underlies corrective makeup. Stock up not only with liquid cream textures but also with dry contouring palettes. In the arsenal should be a corrector and highlighter.

The second important point is the emphasis on merits. For example: if you have slanted eyes, choose techniques to emphasize them. Highlight plump lips in an evening make-up with bright shades of lipsticks, during the day – with lacquer glosses. Don’t forget the one-accent rule.

Flattering makeup techniques for a square face

Lighten up the T-zone

Apply a light shade of foundation or corrector to the midpoint of the forehead, bridge of the nose, and under the eyes. Highlighting these areas will shift the focus from wide cheekbones.

Darken the cheekbones and chin line

Apply a darker tone of cream or contouring to the sides of the face. Blend well. For everyday make-up, you can take a contour stick with a cream-powder formula. It adapts well to any tone and is easy to apply.

Masking imperfections

Apply concealer, which will moisturize as a plus, to the inner corners of the eyes and lower eyelid if there is bluishness. We suggest remembering the basic rules on how to apply concealer so that the solution to your beauty tasks takes a minimum of time.

Set with translucent powder

Using a fluffy brush, apply loose rice powder with light touches all over the face. Her translucent veil will hide all the transitions of tones.

How to apply a highlighter on a square face?

  • Highlighter should be applied to the middle of the chin, the back of the nose, parts of the cheekbones closer to the center of the face, and the outer corners of the eyes, stepping a little under the eyebrow. Brush strokes should be light.
  • Use the strobing highlighter in a universal shade for day and evening make-up: it refreshes with a subtle highlight. No hint of pretentiousness.

apply a highlighter on a square face

How to apply blush on a square face?

Blush sculpting involves highlighting the cheekbones. Peach or brown shades with a matte finish will harmoniously fall. But it is better to avoid translucent pink or with excessive radiance.

  • Direct brush strokes to the temples in the area between the sculpture and the highlighter.
  • Blend onto the apples of your cheeks.
  • In addition, run blush along the sides of the forehead towards the arch of the eyebrows, as if drawing a triangle.

The best eyebrow shape for a square face

Shortened eyebrows of medium density with a smooth bend are the best form option. But straight lines on a square face will not smooth out the angularity.

Eyebrow makeup should be given special attention. By making them expressive, you will transfer attention from the chin line. But at the same time, keep in mind: the trend is natural, and therefore graphics will be inappropriate. Choose a shade that is one tone lighter than your hair. We recommend that you take a closer look at this modeling kit, which contains all the necessary tools: brush, brush, gel, pencil, wax, and ink.

Eye makeup for a square face

  1. Eyes can be emphasized with graceful ascending arrows (aspiring to the eyebrows), dark shadows, or a pencil, applied to the upper and lower eyelids.
  2. The palette of shadows depends on the shape, fit, and color of the eyes. For everyday make-up, it is better to choose a solid color. To open your eyes, add light shades to the inner corners of the eyelid.
  3. Paint the upper eyelashes with mascara for volume in two layers, the lower ones can be covered only in the outer corners.

Eye makeup for a square face

Lip makeup for a square face

Since the emphasis on the lips draws attention to the chin, it is better to choose nude shades. However, this does not mean at all that saturated pigments are banned. It’s just that the bright color of the lips in makeup is preceded by proper contouring.

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If you prefer to line your lips with a pencil, blend it thoroughly. Spot application of a light gloss in the center of the upper and lower lips will play into the hands of visual correction.

The correct makeup concept is one that takes into account the features of appearance. Take advantage of these simple tips to make the image harmonious.