Top 10 Ideas for Round Face Makeup

Makeup speaks not only about our attitude to fashion but also about knowing ourselves, in particular the shape of the face. By understanding the simple secrets of modeling, you can bring to the fore the winning sides and hide imperfections. In this article, we will focus on the basic rules of makeup for a round face and tell you what techniques, shades and means to use for this.

simple makeup for round face

Understanding the characteristics of a round face

Often a round face is strongly expanded in the middle part. Rounded outer lines of the cheekbones, approximately the same length, and width are its main differences. Of the minor ones: the chin also has a round shape and is lost against the general background. The round shape of the face is not to be shy. She belongs to the baby face type with soft features, so she looks younger and fresher for longer.

What effect is achieved when correcting a round face shape

The main goal is to visually reduce the volume of the cheeks and make the face oval, shifting the accents. Here visual correction of the cheekbones, temples, cheeks, and chin area comes to the rescue. Make-up experts advise bringing to the fore the upper part of the face: forehead, eyebrows, and eyes.

General recommendations for girls with a round face:

  • Master the technique of sculpting – the central area should be lighter than the side ones, and strokes are applied in a vertical plane (top to bottom or diagonally);
  • Choose light makeup with makeup in brown and beige shades of matte textures, but taking into account personal color type ;
  • Give preference to saturated colors of lipsticks;
  • In eye makeup, rely on smoky shading.

Take note: hairstyle plays an important role in the perception of the shape of the face. Therefore, it is better to choose a haircut that visually stretches a round face, for example, an elongated bob or a cascade with a side parting. Also, the image depends on the accessories and jewelry used.

Contouring for a round face shape

Visual correction is performed by lightening and darkening individual zones. To do this, you need cosmetics of different textures without shine (both dry and liquid), fluffy brushes, or a beauty blender.

Contouring for a round face shape

Highlighting for a round face shape

1st option: lighten the T-zone (the front of the forehead, the “back” of the nose, and the middle of the chin). For the right tone of the face, a concealer or foundation that is one shade lighter than the skin is suitable

2nd option: for greater visual relief, lighten the upper part of the cheekbones (“triangles” under the eyes), the center of the forehead, and the chin.

These techniques, subject to good shading of the corrective agent, shift the focus to the center of the face, forming an oval.

Blackout for a round face shape

  • Apply sculpting products or bronzer to the upper lobes of the forehead and temples, and touch the cheekbones with a diagonal line.
  • Lightly darken the wings of the nose and lower jaw, avoiding the center of the chin.
  • Set with loose powder.

Instead of contouring, you can use a foundation slightly darker than what you use under daytime makeup. Keep in mind that cosmetic products should not contrast too much with each other: a “range” of 1-2 tones is allowed.

Blush for a round face

Warm tones with a matte finish are the most successful version of blush for chubby girls. Bronzer can be used instead of blush. The emphasis from the classic zone – the “apples” of the cheeks – is shifted to the cheekbones. The drawing scheme looks like this.

Blush for a round face

  • The starting point is the cheekbone area: with the help of a beveled narrow brush, we begin to blush this area, taking the color to the temples.
  • We do shading with diagonal strokes as if stretching the face.
  • It is not necessary to apply a blush close to the nose.

Optimal eyebrow shape for a round face

The best form of eyebrows on a round face is a sharp curve, forming an angularity, and a “thin” tail. This will lift your face. The second option is almost straight eyebrows that end outside the outer corner of the eye. Try to avoid round shapes and short lengths.

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Let’s say a word about density: you should not deviate from the course for wide eyebrows, even if this trend begins to give way. In addition to the pencil, you can add expressiveness with the help of tint gels, which, in addition, also fix.

  • Eyebrow makeup begins with styling the hair up.
  • In dark color, we designate the place of the rise and the “tail”.
  • After a good shading, add a highlighter under the eyebrow.

Eye makeup for a round face

Straight lines and arrows with long “tails” are taboo for a round face. But the correction of the shape of the eyes using the smokey ice technique and long thick eyelashes are very successful.

  • Choose shadows of dark shades, blending them vertically.
  • Use gel eyeliner to define the upper eyelid. The arrows must be in an ascending shape.
  • To give your eyelashes volume and length, take ultra-black mascara or special false bundles. When coloring the upper eyelashes, try to stretch them as much as possible. The bottom can not be painted.

Lip makeup for a round face

Girls with round faces do not need to draw a lip contour with a pencil so as not to create horizontal lines once again. But it is very worth playing with the finishes and formats of lipsticks! Wine, coral, and dusty pink shades with the addition of glitter always look colorful. For everyday make-up, you can look at tints of berry flowers in combination with transparent or varnish glosses. When choosing a lipstick color, take skin tone into account. For example, dark-skinned girls should avoid pastel shades.

A charming woman can be with absolutely any facial features. Enjoy the makeup process itself, practice various techniques, and test new decorative cosmetics, and then you will definitely find the right “package” for your “I”!


1. What’s the best color to make my cheeks look different?

To make your cheeks look different, you can use a special powder called bronzer. Choose a bronzer that is a bit darker than your skin color. Apply it in a diagonal line on your cheeks and blend it well. This will make your cheeks stand out!

2. Can I wear bright and colorful lipstick?

Yes, you can! Bright and colorful lipstick can make your lips look beautiful. Just choose a color that you like and apply it carefully on your lips. It will add some fun and brightness to your face!

3. Are there certain eyeshadow colors that I should avoid?

Some eyeshadow colors may not look as good on your eyes if you have a round face. It’s better to avoid using really dark colors like deep blues or dark grays all over your eyelids. Instead, try using neutral colors like soft pinks, warm browns, or earthy tones. They will make your eyes look lovely!

4. What hairstyles should I try if my face is round?

If you have a round face, hairstyles that make your face look longer are great! You can try having layers in your hair or get some side-swept bangs. Also, haircuts that are angled or have longer pieces in the front can make your face look longer too. Talk to your hairdresser about these styles!

5. How can I make my makeup last longer?

If you want your makeup to stay on for a long time, you can follow these tips: First, make sure your face is clean and moisturized before applying makeup. Then, use a special cream called primer before putting on the foundation. After you finish your makeup, apply a little bit of powder to set it. Also, try using makeup products that say “long-wearing” or “waterproof” on the label. They will stay on your face longer!