Healthy Living Guide For Teens: 2023 Edition

Teens today face many dangers and many risks that can impact their physical and mental health. This is particularly true once they reach their last two years of high school. These two years are when teens start thinking about their future and may either give up entirely or try so hard that they burn themselves out. A healthy balance is key to not only developing properly but also giving yourself the best shot at life.

This short, quick guide will give you tips on how to lead a healthier, more balanced life as a teen, especially with the pressures of college looming ahead.

Healthy Living Guide For Teens

1. Create a Targeted Plan for Your Future

Don’t try to go overboard to prepare for all possibilities. Instead, try to keep your Healthy Living Guide efforts focused on what will matter most. This way, you can cut out extra-curricular and even classes that aren’t helpful to your ultimate goals. If you want to get into a STEM field, for example, then don’t worry about non-STEM extras. Instead, focus your efforts. One internship at a hospital if you want to get into a pre-med course, for example, is going to do more than volunteer at a library.

The best way to make a targeted plan is to start by understanding the admission requirements and your likelihood of getting into your dream program as is. You can look up the admission requirements and GPA for Auburn, for example, and then make a plan based on the likelihood of you getting in.

2. Give Yourself Time Off

Everyone needs breaks, so try not to overload your schedule with any one thing – even socializing. You need time to dedicate yourself to what you are doing. A good balance, for example, is to stick to one or max two extra-curricular activities per semester. See your friends after school a few times a week, and always book some time alone to just rest and be lazy – it’s important too!

3. Healthy Living

Healthy living is so important, starting with your diet. Try to focus on foods that nourish your body first and foremost. This means focusing on foods that are high in vitamins and minerals and cutting back on unhealthy snacks that are mostly calories and not much else. If you combine that with a consistent sleep routine and exercise routine, you’ll pull your body and mental health up to a healthier standard.

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4. Good Mental Healthy Living Guide Habits

It’s important to care for your mental health, so use these tips:

  • Limit how long you spend on social media at any one time.
  • Stay away from electronics an hour before bed
  • Keep a regular bedtime for better sleep
  • Work through how you’re feeling by talking or writing it down
  • Know when you’re burning yourself out and how to cut back
  • Find people you truly trust and can be yourself with
  • Have a safe space (home, your friend’s, a relative’s)
  • Know when to seek out mental health guidance and support

These are, of course, general tips. If you have a mental illness like depression or GAD, you will need professional support and tools to help you find the right strategy to combat or cope with your symptoms.

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Healthy Habits For Teenagers