7 Creative Way to Hidden Staining Hair at Home

7 Creative Way to Hidden Staining Hair at Home. What to do when you want to refresh your image, but without drastic changes? There is such an interesting technique as hidden staining. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that the colored strands are hidden under the main body of hair and you can show them with the help of different styling. This will allow you to experiment with bright shades while maintaining a natural base. The expert we want to introduce you to will help us understand the features and techniques of hidden staining.

Actual hidden Hair colors

  • Coloring;
  • Complex staining techniques;
  • The main focus of the work is on maintaining the quality of the hair.

Why is staining called “hidden”?

Hidden staining has an important feature that distinguishes it from other similar techniques. It does not involve coloring or toning the entire surface of the hair, but only parts of it, usually the lower layers. This allows you not to affect the main color if you do not want to completely repaint. Thus, you can try new, more saturated colors without drastic changes in the image. You can show the effect of hidden dyeing by picking up hair in a hairstyle or winding curls. Then the new shade will be perfectly visible. And if you wish, you can hide it again by simply loosening or straightening your hair. This is the whole point of technology.

Actual hidden colors

In this case, it is better to give preference to expressive and saturated tones, for example:

  • Purple
  • Raspberry;
  • Blue
  • Red;
  • Green.

Sometimes these colors can be combined to create a rainbow effect. Why bright colors? All in order to make the image more playful and daring, but at the same time be able to hide it at the right time.

Also, the technique provides options for more muted tones, close to nature. This will cheer up a boring blond, or revive a chestnut, and even on a red beast it is possible to create highlights that will look expensive.

Such coloring is suitable for hair of any color and type. With the right execution, you can achieve the desired result. In particular, on blond hair, it is easiest to experiment with this particular technique. Soft shades of ash, blue and pink are combined with a blond. Bright combined colors will look especially impressive.

What to choose: bright or natural shades?

As I said, bright colors make the image playful. This is always true for those who want to try something new. At the same time, on a natural base, such staining can give a more airy effect. But do not forget that these are only secret strands, therefore, specifically to add volume and emphasize the contour of the face, I prefer other techniques, such as balayage, shatush, or air touch. Therefore, what to choose is up to the client herself.

Who is suitable for this coloring?

This is the perfect solution for a creative client who is not afraid to stand out and show it off. Or, if we talk about natural shades, this option is suitable for those who cannot decide on complete clarification, but want to check how it will look on them.

The effect of hidden dyeing on different hair

In this technique, there are several important rules that must be strictly observed in order for everything to work out as it should:

  • When working with dark hair, it is advisable to raise no more than 2-3 tones.
  • Blondes should choose pastel shades so as not to look like a zebra.
  • Owners of light brown hair will suit all cold shades.
  • For red hair – 2-3 tones up, but stick to a warm range.

hidden dyeing on different hair

By following these recommendations, you can achieve the desired effect.

Technique on the hair of different lengths

From experience, hidden staining is not applied to every length:

  • With a short haircut – more often it is not performed, or only the roots are dyed or multi-colored patterns are created.
  • For medium length, you can do it, but take into account the volume of hair and the frequency of the strands.
  • For long lengths, it is performed on a hidden layer, more precisely, at the bottom of the back of the head.

Technique on the hair of different lengths

How do hidden staining yourself?

I do not recommend doing this coloring at home. Because it requires skills in bleaching agents and direct pigments to use them. Experience is necessary for their correct use, otherwise the preparations will stain the hair and beautiful coloring will definitely not work. In addition, it will be very difficult to withdraw these two funds later. So, it is better not to risk and not spoil your hair.

How to care for hair after hidden dyeing?

Shampoos and conditioners should be used for care, aimed at maintaining a rich tone. Reconstructions and masks that penetrate deep into the hair are not suitable here. It is important to remember that pigment applied to bleached strands will fade with each wash, so you need to constantly revive the color.


After reading the opinion of our expert, you have learned all the most important things about hidden staining. Ourselves, we would like to add a few ideas and advice on care products for colored hair. If you still intend to do hidden staining at home, then it’s better to start with temporary dyes. So you can see the effect and at the same time, do not spoil the base:

  • Choose a coloring agent that will wash off a few times. These can be balms, mousses, and gels with a toning effect.
  • Now prepare a comb with a thin tip to separate the strands, a mixing bowl, a brush, gloves, and an old towel so as not to stain your clothes.
  • Separate a few lower strands from the main hairline, tint them, and hold for about half an hour. After rinse your hair in warm water and fix the color with a special balm.
  • Dry your hair and style, for example, curls.

In order for the color to last longer, and the hair to be healthy and well-groomed, you will need competent care. Choose gentle products with a quality composition, for example:

  • Matrix Total Results Color Obsessed Shampoo for color protection – it will help maintain a long-lasting, intense shade, even if you wash your hair often;
  • Conditioner OGX Fade-Defying + Orchid Oil Conditioner – nourishes and moisturizes hair after dyeing;
  • Mask Insight Colored Hair Protective Mask – this will allow you to fix the effect of coloring for a long time and keep the color richness longer.

Remember, regular care and careful styling will allow you to enjoy a rich shade of hair for a long time and maintain your health!

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Share your opinion, what do you think about concealed staining? Would you like to try this technique or have questions? Tell about everything in the comments.


Q: How can I identify hidden staining in my home?

A: Look out for signs such as discoloration, musty odors, peeling paint, dark spots, or a sticky feeling on surfaces. These can indicate the presence of hidden staining.

Q: Can hidden staining pose any health risks?

A: Yes, hidden staining caused by mold and mildew can contribute to respiratory issues and allergies. It’s important to address hidden stains promptly to maintain a healthy home environment.

Q: Are there any preventive measures to avoid hidden staining?

A: Yes, regular cleaning and maintenance, using protective measures like coasters and tablecloths, and ensuring proper ventilation can help prevent hidden staining.

Q: Can I remove hidden stains myself, or do I need professional help?

A: It depends on the severity and nature of the stains. Mild hidden stains can often be treated using DIY methods, but for stubborn or extensive staining, professional cleaning services may be more effective.

Q: What are some natural remedies for removing hidden stains?

A: Natural remedies like vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, and hydrogen peroxide can be effective in removing hidden stains. However, always test on a small, inconspicuous area first and follow proper instructions.