Tips for Long-Lasting Nails: How to Protect Your Spring Manicure 2023

Tips for Long-Lasting Nails: How to Protect Your Spring Manicure 2023. Finally spring! Time to consider with special tenderness nail design ideas, emphasizing the desire to quickly surround yourself with warmth, sun, and beauty. What will be the spring manicure in 2023? Find out right now!

Tips for Long-Lasting Nails

Spring trends colors and ideas

I’ll start, of course, with new products in fashion trends. Cardinally new chips in the nail sky did not light up, but there are several interesting interpretations of trends that originated in other seasons.

Naked disco

This name was given to modern nail design by Tom Bachik, who is engaged in the nails of Selena Gomez, Jay Lo, and other stars. The essence of the trend is in a combination of a neutral nude tone with glitters. Glitter can range in size, from a slight shimmer to serious disco ball competition.

Lip gloss nails

Don’t worry, you don’t have to put lip gloss on your nails. But it will be helpful to simulate light wet highlights. It can also be combined with the simple lines of a minimalist jacket.

Such ideas will be a useful find for those who are tired of the usual nude but still do not want saturated bright colors.

Lip gloss nails

Positive space

Another spring 2023 trend that Tom Bachik drew the eye of connoisseurs. The focus is on one color and its selection against a light nude background. Looks great with black as a dominant gel polish. It is interesting to apply a bright shade geometrically, accentuated, leaving a “positive space” that favorably sets off the main picture.

Spring manicure colors 2023

They fully reflect the need to reboot, to be closer to nature. Therefore, the blueness of the sky, delicate floral shades of pink and lilac, and the freshness of the first greenery appear on the nails. In a word, sheer cuteness.


All shades of the spring sky are here, from trendy colors Skylight and Summer Song, which made it to the Pantone 2023 color selection, to more classic blue.


This color is generally popular with women when choosing manicure ideas, and in the spring of 2023, it also goes well with different techniques. Here you have chrome highlights, positive space with its accent geometry, and a gentle reverse jacket with a light ombre.


Even when the grass has not yet blossomed on the street, the nail design of 2023 will remind you that everything will be soon. Again, plenty of options for creativity:

  • Jacket in different shades of green;
  • Chamomile field right on your nails;
  • Accent flowers on a nude background.

LilacA traditional guest of spring flower tops. For a romantic mood – muted shades of lilac, for a more daring and driving – rich purple. And to emphasize the mood of a girl-girl, add cute flower accents in nail design 2023.

Gentle manicure with flowers

Since we started discussing flowers in nail design in 2023, I cannot help but make them a separate selection. After all, when, no matter how to spring, let your manicure become a real flower paradise.

In summer, juicy fruits reign on the nails, crimson leaves blaze in autumn, and snowflakes in winter design. So flowers – your time is coming!

Gentle manicure with flowers

There is an important point in the embodiment of the idea of a manicure with flowers. If you want to get a clear picture, then choose a design with stickers. In other cases, it is better to draw abstractions “based on”. Poorly traced flowers do not look stylish and greatly reduce the cost of the image.


They will fit into the design with a plain coating, go well with nude shades, and will look original as an addition to the jacket.


Clear Sakura branches are no longer very popular, but casually abstract drawings can be interestingly stylized. Use pink and white gel polish, or decorate with pink sequins, imitating petals scattered under a gust of light spring breeze.


Mimosa manicure is popular in Asian countries. As in designs with other colors, it is not necessary to strive for a photographic pattern. So either choose the option with stickers or play with blurry textures and abstractions, as if you are looking at a flower through the morning dew. By the way, designs with mimosa can be not only in yellow colors. Take a look below at how gentle the manicure looks in blue shades.


Another traditional spring flower. You can beat the design with tulips both as an additional element of the original French manicure with a beveled edge and as a highlight of a discreet matte nude.


Great idea for March 8th. With snowdrops, a monochromatic coating with green and blue gel polish is coolly combined. Don’t paint on all your nails because you’ll get “expensive-rich” and that won’t add fashion points to you.


Traditional gentle spring colors of gel polish in combination with twigs look especially good on long nails. But the main thing is to make the lines thin and fragile.

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Beautiful design for short nails

If it seems that not all fashion trends in manicures can be adapted to short nails, then this is only at first glance. Of course, minimalist trends will look best, both on a square shape and on a round one.

  • Stretching the color with a gradient or light ombre (but in a new reading, without a too graphic transition);
  • The texture of quail eggs;
  • Stylish chrome highlights;
  • Elegant thin jacket.

Even a drawing can be applied to short nails, but it is better to do it with stickers: less time to complete and more confidence in the result.

Fashion Design Ideas for Long Nails

This is where you can finally roam and embody the most daring ideas. On long nails, you can easily create both an expressive festive design and an original everyday one. Matte jacket with elegant flowers, fashionable chrome, and glass textures, imitation of quail eggs, animal prints, and geometric abstractions – it’s a pity that there are only ten fingers! But it’s good that there is time to experiment this spring!

As you can see, there are many options to choose your own, original nail design for the spring of 2023! Combine ideas and textures, play with gel polish colors, and, most importantly, listen to your inner sense of beauty. After all, no trend can be more important than sincere joy from the thought “ I am amazing! “