Men’s Shaving Guide: When, How {2023}

Today we decided to talk about the big and small joys of Men’s shaving, namely the rules, tools, and shaving products. These things, along with socks and fishing tackle, remain at the top of the most popular gifts for men. And if you give the elements of a gentleman’s set, then let them be of high quality and pleasant to use. Let’s start with a little theory.

How to shave

How to shave?

Shaving is purely male territory, but you don’t have to be a Spartan in this matter. To make the skin smooth, clean and avoid trouble, you need:

Pre-steam/moisturize the skin

This is true for most men with thick skin. Moisturizing or steaming will minimize the amount of irritation and cuts during shaving. You can shave right during the shower or right after – warm water will soften the skin and hairs, and the razor will glide softer.

For those who have delicate, receptive skin, which is rare among the male half, steaming before shaving is not recommended. You can simply wash with gel or soap (preferably special for washing), apply a shaving agent and start the process in a minute.

Choose the right direction of movement

The classic rule is to shave in the direction your stubble grows. But since it grows in different directions on the face, in order to get perfect smoothness, some men shave both along and against hair growth. You should not go against the growth of those who have sensitive skin – in this case, you can try to move perpendicularly.

Use aftershave

Shaving, as a rule, damages the top layer of the skin, so after the procedure, it is necessary to use a skincare product. Creams, gels, balms, and lotions have similar functions, but there is still a difference:

  • Gel and balm soothe and relieve irritation. Best suited for dry and sensitive skin.
  • The cream performs the same functions, plus moisturizing and nourishing. Suitable for all skin types.
  • The lotion dries, has an antibacterial effect, refreshes, and moisturizes a little – what you need for oily and mixed skin.

List of “not” to make shaving more comfortable:

  • Do not shave dry without gel or foam;
  • Do not press on the tool;
  • Do not treat the same area more than twice.

How to shave as a teenager?

Some guys consider the moment when they shave for the first time, a kind of boundary where childhood is left behind and their biography of a man begins. Therefore, they take up the machine immediately, as soon as the first fluff appears. But still, until the age of 18–20, their skin is still delicate and thin, and therefore it is necessary to prepare it for shaving and complete the ritual with special care.

shave as a teenager

There are no special rules here, everything is the same as for adult men. Wet and dry shaving with different tools is suitable (we will talk about them below). The only thing that can be added is a scrub or peeling immediately before shaving to avoid inflammation. However, adult men with dense oily skin will also benefit.

What is the best shave for a man?

A good tool must meet two criteria: meet the expectations for the quality of a shave and fit the characteristics of the skin and stubble. If this has not yet been found, our review of men’s shaving products should help you.

Classic machine

The option is convenient to use, it is in good contact with the face, it shaves cleanly, and under the root, it removes dead skin cells. Among the shortcomings: a classic razor, although it is called a safety razor, can injure if you choose the wrong angle of contact or press too hard.

T-shaped machine

Our grandfathers used these, but recently they are back in fashion again. Does it make sense to buy a T-bar with a single blade when razors with 5-6 blades, moisturizing strips, trimmers, and floating heads have long been on the market? Fans of the classics argue that there is a meaning.

T-shaped machine

A T-razor is a cross between a safe cartridge razor and a dangerous blade: it gives some freedom of action, works out the contours of the beard well, and at the same time does not injure the way a dangerous one can.

Electric shaver

Such razors are most often chosen by men with sensitive skin – they practically do not irritate and do not require the mandatory use of foam or gel. Although many manufacturers of electric shavers still recommend using them with products for and after shaving. The list of advantages can also include mobility, travel convenience,
Since the electric razor does not touch the top layer of the skin, it is advisable to use a scrub before shaving.

Types of electric shavers:

  • Rotary – follows the contours of the face well, shaves smoothly, but can cause irritation on delicate skin;
  • Mesh – in this version, the knives are separated from the skin with a fine mesh, and this eliminates the possibility of cuts and irritations, but the quality of shaving can sometimes suffer because of the mesh.

Straight razor

pros, which is in every barbershop. But without a habit and a proven technique, it is easy to cut yourself with it, especially when you need to shave quickly or in field conditions.

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Top questions about men’s shaving

1. How to shave without cuts?

To do this, you need to monitor the sharpness of the blades, follow the rules for preparing for shaving, and do not press on the machine in the process. Movements should be smooth, short, and not too frequent.

2. How often should men shave?

It all depends on what a man puts into the concept of “style”: a brutal 3-day stubble or an impeccably smooth face. You also need to pay attention to the rate of skin recovery: if it is sensitive, you can shave every other day, and if there is no particular discomfort, you can shave every day.

3. What do you need to shave?

You will need the following tools:

  • Shaving gel or foam;
  • Good machine with sharp blades;
  • Lotion, cream, balm, or aftershave gel.

Those who shave with an electric razor may not need cosmetics for and Men’s shaving after shaving. You need to focus on the manufacturer’s recommendations.

4. What is better to use after shaving?

The choice of aftershave depends on the type of skin and the texture that you like and brings comfort:

  • The lotion is the lightest option, almost imperceptible on the face. Sometimes it contains alcohol, thanks to which it dries and disinfects.
  • The gel and balm have a slightly more saturated texture, comfortably Men’s shaving moisturize, and are easily and quickly absorbed.
  • The cream is the densest and most moisturizing version of men’s cosmetics. Especially in demand for dry and sensitive skin.


1. How often should I shave?

You can shave every day or every other day to keep a clean look. It’s up to you!

2. Should I shave before or after a shower?

It’s better to shave after taking a shower. The Men’s shaving warm water makes shaving easier.

3. Do I need to use shaving cream or gel?

Yes, using shaving cream or gel helps the razor move smoothly and protects your skin.

4. How can I stop razor burn and ingrown hair?

Shave in the direction your hair grows, Men’s shaving use a sharp razor, and don’t press too hard. Also, remember to moisturize your skin.

5. What if I cut myself while shaving?

If you accidentally cut yourself, rinse the cut with cold water and put something like a styptic pencil on it to stop the bleeding.

6. Can I use aftershave if I have sensitive skin?

Yes, there are Men’s shaving special aftershaves for sensitive skin. Look for ones without alcohol and with soothing ingredients like aloe vera.

7. How often should I change my razor blades?

It’s good to change the blades after 5 to 10 uses or when they get dull. Dull blades can cause problems.

8. How do I clean my razor?

After shaving, rinse the razor well to get rid of hair and shaving cream. Let it dry and keep it in a clean place.

9. Can I shave if I have acne or sensitive skin?

Men’s shaving  can be tricky if you have acne or sensitive skin. Be gentle and use mild products. Ask a grown-up or a doctor for advice.

10. Is there a special way to shave different parts of my face?

Yes, some areas need special attention. For example, shave your neck gently and downwards to avoid irritation. Take your time and be careful.