Stylish Holiday Makeup: Tips and Tricks for Creating the Perfect Look {2023}

Stylish Holiday makeup is a countless way to emphasize your beauty. Someone follows the no-makeup trend, someone likes to emphasize their eyes or lips, and there are those beauties for whom a holiday is not a holiday without evening make-up.

Holiday Makeup

Beautiful holiday makeup with luscious lips

Spectacular makeup with expressive eyes and luscious lips will easily attract the attention of everyone around you.

Steps for creating makeup with an emphasis on lips:

  • Concealer cover bruises under the eyes or rashes, if any.
  • Apply tone and contour your face. Shade the cheekbones and areas near the hairline with a bronzer. This should be done especially carefully if you have a square or rectangular face shape.
  • To make your nose visually look thinner, apply a bronzer on the wings of the nose, and a highlighter in the center.
  • Start your eye makeup by highlighting the lower eyelid and the border of the mobile eyelid with the darkest shade from the palette. Then continue to work with the outer corner of the eye. Blend the transitions between the shades well so that they smoothly flow into each other.
  • In the event that somewhere the color does not lie quite clearly, you can always correct the excess with concealer or tonal.
  • It’s time for the mascara. Paint over from the roots and twist the brush a little when applying the product. If a photo session or you want more expressiveness – use false eyelashes.
  • With a special curved brush, draw ink on the ciliary edge of the lower eyelid.
  • Shade the eyebrows with mascara. After applying the product, it is important to comb the eyebrows in a diagonally upward direction.
  • Draw the outline of the lips with a pencil, and then fill it with color.
  • Now it’s time for the final touch. Apply lipstick on a pencil backing. Thanks to this, the color will stay saturated longer.

holiday makeup with luscious lips

Gentle Makeup That Freshness the Face

In natural makeup, it is important to be guided by the principle of moderation. It is necessary not to change facial features, but to emphasize them, adding a slight glow and blush. This is a good option for quick daytime makeup that does not require a lot of time to create.

Create a gentle daytime make-up step by step:

  • For staying power, apply a makeup base or primer. Thanks to this, the tone will lie more evenly, and the skin will remain hydrated and well-groomed.
  • If there are dark circles, you can additionally apply concealer under the eyes. If not, just foundation is enough. When applying the product, look up to make it easier to work with this area.
  • Toned your face with a brush.
  • Make up your eyes in nude-pink shades. To keep the shadows better, it will not be superfluous to first apply the base under the shadows from GlamBee.
  • Apply the shadows from the GlamBee Gravity palette not only on the moving eyelid but stretch the shades from the edge of the eyelashes to the eyebrows. In the outer corner – a more saturated tone, the center of the eyelid, and the inner part – lighter shades. By the way, an alternative to this palette can be Patricia Ledo La Palette Eye Designer in tone 02.
  • Under the eyebrow, apply brown with a satin finish, and stretch the shimmery shade from the crease to the outer corner.
  • From the outer corner of the eye, draw a light arrow with shadows. It is important that it is well-shaded, as if it is not make-up, but a natural shadow.
  • Natural make-up generally does not recognize too graphic lines. So do the lips without a clear jumping, stretch the color intensity from the inside to the outer edge. As if biting her lip slightly while reading messages from a loved one.
  • Illuminate the area under the outer corner of the eye with a highlighter.
  • Brush your eyebrows well in the direction of the hairline. Carefully separate the hairs and fix them with gel. This will make the shape more natural and voluminous. If your eyebrows are too light or sparse by nature, add color with Patricia Ledo’s palette before styling them.
  • A light frosty blush is one of the most popular makeup tricks this year. By the way, it can also be drawn with lipstick. This lifehack will help you get the maximum color match with your lips.

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Such delicate makeup is suitable even for a photo shoot. In the pictures, it will look almost invisible, thanks to which you will achieve the effect of ” makeup without makeup “.

Evening make-up

Evening makeup, especially if you do it for a photo shoot, has an important feature. Lighting can significantly change the option that you see in the mirror: reduce the brightness of shades, and enhance accents on shimmer particles. So when choosing cosmetics, it is important to take this nuance into account.

Evening make-up

How to make expressive evening makeup step by step:

  • Cleanse your face and moisturize thoroughly. It is important not to skip this stage so that the makeup is more resistant and lasts longer.
  • Toned your face. Shake the bottle thoroughly before applying foundation to the brush. Avoid excess funds. If there are rashes, it is better to mask them with a concealer first.
  • Do some light contouring.
  • Highlight your cheekbones with a blush. Move the brush diagonally from bottom to top under the outer corner of the eye.
  • Move on to eye makeup. Emphasize the outer corner with a darker and more saturated shade, and use light colors closer to the inner one. Make the border of the moving eyelid more expressive thanks to the shadows of a saturated shade.
  • Draw eyebrows with a pencil. Try to stretch, and blend the color so that it looks natural and not too graphic. Even if you have a permanent one, you can visually pull it up to a natural look.
  • Already at this stage, the makeup looks quite stylish. Then adjust its saturation by choosing a shade of lipstick. It can be either a neutral nude or a juicy red.

In the list of recommended products for this makeup, they cited a universal eyeshadow palette as an example, but the range of is not limited to this option. You can choose the necessary colors for yourself both in mono products and in palettes. For example :

  • Delicate palette Dreamily from Paese;
  • Various shades of baked shadows from Pupa ;
  • Rich and well-pigmented Catrice Art Couleurs ;
  • Baby Cute palette in warm colors from Imagic;
  • Multi Face Palette from Pinkflash (there are also tools for facial contouring).

Whichever of the makeup ideas from this collection you choose, we recommend that you Holiday makeup always use a makeup fixer as the last step. For the holidays are already full of excitement, why do you need unnecessary worries about whether the lipstick is smeared and whether the shadow is in its place?

It is quite possible to create beautiful make-up for the holiday on your own, at home. This is a cool way to meditate, to focus on your inner feeling of yourself. And may your photo album be replenished with smiling photos at the end of the year. After all, we, Ukrainians, are like professional ballerinas: despite all the difficulties and challenges, we are able to remain light, purposeful, and smiling.


How do I choose the perfect shade of red lipstick for my skin tone?

  • Look for a shade that complements your undertones. If you have warm undertones, opt for a red with orange or yellow undertones. If you have cool undertones, look for a red with blue or purple undertones.

How can I prevent my glittery eye makeup from falling out or smudging?

  • Use an eyeshadow primer to create a smooth base, and apply your Holiday makeup glitter with a glitter adhesive or wet brush to help it stay in place. You can also apply a setting spray to lock in your makeup.

How can I create a bold eyeliner look without making mistakes?

  • Practice makes perfect! Start with a light hand and gradually build up the intensity of your liner. You can also use tape or a spoon to help create a straight line.

How can I make my holiday makeup last all night?

  • Use long-lasting products and set your makeup with a setting spray. Touch up as needed throughout the night.

What other festive makeup looks can I try?

  • You could try a bold lip in a festive shade, such as berry or plum, or experiment with glittery or metallic eyeshadows. Don’t be afraid to play with different colors and styles to find what works best for you.