Why you can’t lose weight? Removing obstacles {2023}

Why you can’t lose weight? This is one of the most common questions among people of all ages. Continuation of the article “The best diet for losing weight – mental” and the article “How to lose weight and not gain weight. Losing weight without diets: increasing self-esteem – losing weight” (see earlier).

What prevents you from losing weight, why do diets fail and the weight remains the same or even grows? Because, paradoxical as it may sound, the fear of losing weight interferes.

Why you can't lose weight

Why am i not losing weight when I exercise?

Yes, yes, the fear of change and the fear of change, because being overweight serves as a kind of protection. To change outwardly means to become a different person, to think differently, to behave differently, and not just to look different. Therefore, you need to be ready to change not only externally, but also internally.

Take on your whole new look. In order to transform from an insecure person into a free person, it is not enough to lose weight. In addition, being overweight has its advantages, for example, it allows you to think that a person is being ignored or mistreated precisely because of his physique.

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In order for a person to be ignored, he subconsciously can make such weight his protection – especially if the previous interpersonal communication brought more pain than joy.

Oddly enough, when a person is overweight, he also gets some advantages: he does not need to monitor his attractiveness, waste time and nerves, because being overweight seems to exclude the possibility of being attractive.

Some people fear (without even admitting it to themselves) that as they become slimmer, they will become attractive to the opposite sex and they will begin to persecute them persistently, while they have not learned to say “NO”. And then they can only say “no” by their appearance.

Some women are afraid to be attractive because other women will be jealous or jealous of them. In this case, the need to be accepted by everyone is triggered.

Some people are afraid to lose weight and become more attractive because then it will be difficult for them to determine why others support relationships with them. And so you can always be sure that the relationship is maintained by virtue of his inner qualities.

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Any medical reasons I can’t lose weight

Being overweight (like many other real and fictional flaws) can serve as an excuse for uncommunicativeness and poor social life, lack of a partner. In this case, changes are perceived as life-threatening, for the future.

A sign of fear of change can be a persistent unwillingness to abandon decisions that have already been made, while a person regrets having made them.

Not all of the hidden weight loss fears are listed here. As we can see, there are enough reasons not to change and stay at the same weight.

How not be afraid of change in the broadest sense? After all, it is assumed that losing weight should bring success in many, if not all areas of a person’s life.

Fear of change and flight from satisfying your natural desires are based on old attitudes that are not true. Before you change outwardly, you need to be internally ready for change. The following table will allow you to internally prepare for external attractiveness, create the necessary space for it.

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Comparison Table To Ask Yourself

Old Thoughts The Truth About Them New Thoughts
If I have made a decision, I have no right to refuse it. Perhaps you are afraid of the unknown that will come if you change your mind. On the other hand, you will enjoy freedom. I have the right to change my decisions. I am able to deal with the consequences.
I must (on) plan my life, this will protect me from the unknown. Life on schedule is boring. You can learn to deal with the unknown. I cannot control the future, I will live for today.
If I change my behavior, I’ll do something stupid before I can stop. The changes are happening gradually. It is not easy to get rid of old restrictions. I will change at the pace that suits me.
Losing weight guarantees a change for the better. Losing weight will only change your appearance. The rest you have to work on yourself. Losing weight is only responsible for my weight.
Other people will not be able to cope with the changes that I will make. So, I’d rather stay the way I am If others cannot do this, they need professional help. You must do what is good for you. My changes will continue until I feel better. And as long as it is safe for others.
Change is so frightening. Better to stay the same. Staying the same (s) means that you are trapped and believe that it is safe. This position does not give you anything new. When I make a change, I have better control over my life.

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To avoid being intimidated by change, start small.

First, just diversify your life. Here are some examples:

  • Buy and cook food that you have not eaten before.
  • Change your cooking and eating times.
  • Try changing restaurants and cafes.
  • Change your hair color and your style.
  • Change the color of your clothes. Try new activities, activities, sports.
  • Buy a ticket to where you have not been before.
  • Expand your social circle.
  • Change your route to work.
  • Change the genre of your books.

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These small changes will entail making a decision about global changes.

This decision is influenced by many factors:

  • The upbringing that tells you what you should do.
  • Parenting dictates may go against what you want.
  • Your rationality, along with your weight, will bear the brunt of the decision you make.
  • So Your ability to resist criticism.
  • Your intuition, which will tell you what to do.

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You can use rational thinking to process information and make decisions. But the final decision must be made when you rely on intuition. If you go against your desires, you will remain a person suffering from food addiction.

As a child, like many children, you probably acted intuitively. Even without having enough knowledge about the world around you, you knew how to behave. You knew who and who is dangerous to you, who treats you well, and who cannot be trusted. Hardly anyone could have fooled you. You just felt who was lying and who was sincere.

When you grew up, you were taught – “measure seven times, cut one.” You were taught to plan everything. Thus, you have lost your intuition because you have stopped using and trusting it.

It is important to find it again. Intuition will make you less dependent on the opinions of others. She will make you responsible for your life. You will be able to make independent solutions if you become to trust their instincts. When you acquire it, it will be easier for you to change.

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Use the following template to record the changes

You have already made and those you hope to make.

Form of the sheet “Progress in change”

01. I have changed the following eating habits:

————————————————– ————————————————– –

02. I have changed the following in my life:

————————————————– ————————————————– –

03. What stops me on my path to change is:

————————————————– ————————————————– –

04. I want to make these additional changes:

————————————————– ————————————————– –

Why you can’t lose weight. Removing obstacles. (Based on the book “How to get rid of food addiction – step-by-step technology”, the author is a practicing psychotherapist Alisa Katz)

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