Top 10 Best Winter Fragrances for Women

Top 10 Best Winter Fragrances for Women. It would be nice to have a versatile fragrance that can be worn all year round! But summer and winter perfumes are two different universes, and there are good reasons for that. Perfumes need to be changed depending on the season, just as with the advent of cold weather you change clothes from your favorite trench coat into a warm down jacket. So let the summer spirits rest and choose a perfume for the cold season. By the way, we have collected the TOP of interesting flavors that you might like.

best long lasting winter perfume

What to Look for in a Winter Fragrance?

Usually, these are warming smells with a comprehensive composition and a heavy base chord. In frosty weather, they linger on the skin better, do not fade, and gradually open during the day. They are dominated by certain components that make it easy to distinguish these flavors from the rest.

Here are some scents that are considered winter:

  • Oriental. The intoxicating tartness of nutmeg, ylang-ylang, and sandalwood in tandem with jasmine creates the perfect long-lasting composition for cold weather.
  • Dessert. Sweetness is invariably present in perfumes in the winter season. Classical accords are chocolate, vanilla, caramel, strawberry, and apple with cinnamon.
  • Wine glass. They have a deep, thick, and multifaceted scent thanks to top notes of citrus, geranium, and sage in the base and a fresh woody base.
  • Powdery. Perfumes with a light haze and a velvety trail. The main accents here are iris, vanilla, musk, magnolia, and spices.
  • Floral-fruity. Not as popular in the winter perfume series, but more concentrated options open up well in the cold.

When using winter fragrances, be guided by two main principles – intensity and combination.

On cold skin, perfumes are not so bright, but more superficial. From the wind, the main notes are drowned out and the aroma does not sound at all the way you wanted. Often this creates not the most successful effect. Therefore, it is always important to take into account the temperature of the air outside the window before applying perfume. If you’re in love with a certain fragrance and don’t want to change it, find a more intense version. That is, replace toilet water with persistent perfumes. Then their scent will sparkle with new colors and its sensual notes will be clearly audible through outerwear.

It happens that your fragrance “does not want to sound” in winter. Don’t be discouraged, use perfume layering, that is, combine several scents to add intensity. So, for example, you can mix light shades of eau de toilette with rich perfume chords. For your experiments, use testers – this is the most economical and practical.

How to apply winter fragrances

In the warm season, you apply perfume to your pulse points or spray it over your hair. But in winter, they are hidden under clothing, which does not allow the fragrance to spread.

How to apply winter fragrances

So try the following options:

  • On the back of the head closer to the neck, where the skin warmed by a scarf will create a fragrant plume;
  • On the wrists, provided that they are not covered with long sleeves;
  • On the fur trim of your outerwear;
  • On a neckerchief or scarf.

Clothing perfectly retains the smell, so when you put on a fur coat or down jacket, your favorite perfume will remind you of itself again.

The Top Winter Fragrance Notes

Check out the delicious perfumes that will help you get through the gloomy and cold season.

1. Paco Rabanne Lady Million Fabulous Intense

Open the bottle of Paco Rabanne in the form of a diamond and feel the hurricane of emotions in it. You will hear the sounds of jazz, feel the vibrations of the dance, and the energy of the party that will not end until the morning! Such is he, Lady Million Fabulous.

2. Narciso Rodrigues For Her

Choose any scenario: you just jumped out to the supermarket for champagne or you are walking on a first date in the snow. Your seductiveness will not hide under layers of winter clothes if you are wearing Narciso Rodrigues For Her. The fragrance will still emphasize your sophistication and romance.

3. Patricia Ledo L’interdit OR

If you are a fan of dynamic oriental fragrances, then L’interdit OR is a must-have for you! It excites and enchants with its versatility, gradually opening up and playing with new shades.

4. Juliette Has A Gun Into The Void

Into The Void is a powerful unisex inspired by the energy of space and the mystery of black holes. If the perfume had a soundtrack, it would definitely sound like The Void by Muse.

5. Montale Mukhallat

Sweet vanilla Montale Mukhallat is reminiscent of a warm kiss from a loved one. Its aroma is gentle and exciting, sensual and passionate at the same time!

6. Maison Margiela Replica Whispers in the Library

Take a break from the everyday hustle and plunge into the cozy atmosphere of the library with Whispers in the Library. When you open the bottle, you will see how snowflakes are circling outside the window, you will hear the crackling of logs in the fireplace, the rustle of book pages, and the whisper that breaks the silence of the reading room.

7. Le Bouquet parfait Delicieuse Nectarine

Who said that the aroma of ripe peaches is only appropriate in summer? Delicieuse Nectarine breaks this stereotype! The heady chords of the orchard will disperse the winter cold and give you a feeling of comfort and warmth as if you were under the gentle summer sun.

The Top Winter Fragrance Notes

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It seems that winter is not so gloomy anymore, is it? The new perfume will definitely cheer you up and the degree of anticipation for the Christmas holidays. Have you already chosen your favorite from our list? If yes, please share your opinion in the comments!


What is a gourmand fragrance?

A gourmand fragrance is a type of fragrance that features sweet and edible notes such as vanilla, chocolate, and caramel. These fragrances often smell like desserts or baked goods.

Should I choose a fragrance with strong sillage for winter?

Yes, choosing a fragrance with strong sillage can be a good idea for winter, as we tend to wear more layers which can trap fragrances and make them less noticeable. A fragrance with strong sillage will ensure that your scent is still noticeable even when you’re bundled up.

How can I make my winter fragrance last longer?

To make your winter fragrance last longer, try applying it to your pulse points (such as your wrists and neck) and layering it with a fragrance-free moisturizer. You can also try spritzing your fragrance onto your clothing or hair, but be careful not to spray too much, as some fragrances can stain fabrics.

Can I wear summer fragrances in the winter?

While it’s certainly possible to wear summer fragrances in the winter, it’s generally recommended to choose fragrances with warmer and cozier notes for the colder months. Summer fragrances often feature lighter and fresher notes such as citrus and floral, which may not be as suitable for winter weather.