What if I am shy about buying underwear and pads?

What if I am shy about buying underwear and pads? Do you even feel embarrassed that you are standing at the checkout and handing the seller a package of tampons or pads? And people are also standing nearby – and looking at all this ?! Or – oh god! – to choose panties in front of witnesses ?! No way!

You can, of course, get out of it all your life somehow. For example, to go out for pads on a round-the-clock dark-dark night wearing a black-black mask and glasses. And let my mother go for the linen – she is not shy. But, you must admit, this is a so-so decision. In addition, this modesty of yours has a reason that can interfere with you not only in shopping. We deal with psychologists to solve the problem and not suffer anymore;)

Why are you embarrassed to buy underwear (or pads)

Shyness in such situations indicates a rejection of your body. Teenage girls are very often complex about their appearance: sometimes too fat, sometimes thin, sometimes tall, sometimes short.

Parents and teachers talk about the transitional age quite often, but not many of them pay attention to the story of bodily changes. More and more emphasis on behavior, and this leads to the fact that faced with changes in the body, a teenager does not understand how to accept these changes in himself.

So how do you accept your body?

Why are you embarrassed to buy underwear or pads

It’s great if you can talk to your mom about this! Mom will be able to tell her story: how she changed, what experiences she had. Mom can be asked to buy personal hygiene items or do it together. If there is no such contact with the mother, then a friend can be taken as a shopping companion.

And on the acceptance of yourself and your body will have to “work”. Start with the book “My Body Is Changing. Everything teenagers want to know and what parents are embarrassed to talk about, ”Jerry Bailey. Be sure to go in for sports: swimming, dancing, fitness. You can go to dances in adult groups with women, so it will be easier for you to adapt. Don’t you want to go anywhere? Dance at home! Turn on music (preferably Latin American – it is rhythmic and incendiary) and dance to feel your body. In a healthy body healthy mind!

Remember:- When you shop for personal care items or lingerie, you are taking care of your body, so do it with love.

Why online shopping is not a solution

The first thing to do is to understand that it is quite difficult to do without these purchases. Yes, now you can buy a lot on the Internet, but with linen, it is quite problematic. Of course, you can ask a loved one about these purchases (mother, girlfriend, etc.), thereby relieving yourself of constant stress, but this is not a solution to the problem, but running from it.

Therefore, I offer you this option: for a start, it would be good to figure out what are you afraid of? Are you ashamed in front of the seller? Are you embarrassed in front of other customers? Are you afraid of what they think of you?

How does it manifest in the body? Are you blushing? Are you starting to shake? Throwing in a cold sweat?

Perhaps the problem is in the family, where it is customary not to discuss such conversations and purchases, considering this topic to be taboo. But, for a minute, these are standard needs! And you shouldn’t be ashamed of them, just as you shouldn’t be ashamed of a cold – who doesn’t happen to? You don’t blush every time you start having “spring drops” from your nose?

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So how to deal with it?

Having identified the cause and symptom (for example, you blush and sweat because you are uncomfortable), we begin to act. The next time you come to the store, tell yourself: “I will now be redder than a tomato, and three liters of sweat will pour out of me, I will flood the whole store here!”The idea is to bring your fear to the point of absurdity and laugh in his face. Believe me, after two or three such trips, it will not be difficult for you to go to the store and for something more intimate!

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How to overcome shame when shopping for lingerie or pads?

It’s completely normal for you to be shy. It is not customary for us to display underwear, personal hygiene products, etc. For you, such things may seem unusual, because you have not used them before. Buying them causes shame, it seems that everyone is looking at you and judging you.

It is important to understand that, in fact, this is not the case. Buying pads or underpants is as normal as buying bread or milk. All women use pads, tampons, and underwear. And in fact, few people pay attention to the pack of tampons in your hands.

Practice the magic mantra “Icho?” Even if the cashier is a young guy and you need to pay him for the pads, what happens? Nothing! You pay for the purchase and you will never see him again. And so many buyers pass through him in a day that he no longer pays attention to the goods that he is breaking through.

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No need to be ashamed of intimate things!

You grow up and buy important hygiene items yourself and choose your own underwear – you should rather be proud of this than be ashamed of it. There is, of course, a reason for this awkwardness. Most likely, loved ones still consider you small and avoid discussing intimate hygiene.

Or it is not customary in the family to talk about underwear and intimate things, often even the word “panties” is spoken in a half-whisper, not to mention panty liners and the like. There’s nothing wrong with that there is no need to shout about intimate things, but it is also time to stop being shy, since you will have to buy all this for many, many years.

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How to overcome this embarrassment?

Start small. Expand your comfort zone slowly, with the least risk. Start with shops that have self-checkout counters. Almost all supermarkets are already equipped with them. To begin with, choose hygiene items, when there is no one at the counters where all these products are located, then you can gradually increase the “number of viewers”. And believe me, these “spectators” are busy with their tasks in this store, and they absolutely do not care what you choose, where and how much.

When this stage will already be easy, and this will happen literally 3-4 times, start going through the cashier with the seller. Do it as a stage of the game, a “new level”. It may not be easy, but you have already passed part of the skill, so everything will work out here. Shyness and awkwardness will fade over time. You will also quickly master the checkout with the seller and you will understand that no one has a goal to condemn or hook you, the seller needs to help you buy, and you just need to choose the product and pay, nothing else.

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Don’t be afraid to go to lingerie stores

Well, let’s talk separately about specialized lingerie stores. where there are consultants, sellers, cashiers. The main thing here is to remember that their goal is to help you, that’s all. For a start, you can just go to the department and look around, see what is there and how much. The second time, the task is to buy what you think is less intimate in this department. Maybe it’s a handkerchief or tights or socks – something that you shouldn’t try on. Learning to do this with the least embarrassment, that is, to repeat a similar purchase 2-3 times – naturally, when there is a need for it.

The next step is fitting. Listen to the advice of a consultant, choose the one that fits and is liked the most, and buy. Thus, gradually, you will learn to buy your own underwear and hygiene items, being less and less shy.