Are Slimming Corsets Really Effective? Yes or No [2023]

SLIMMING CORSET 2022: YES OR NO? “A thin waist in two weeks!”, “Get rid of belly fat in a month!”, “Get a dream figure in 10 days!”. The Internet space is full of such slogans, Slamming corsets for weight loss, cleaner than the MMM pyramids in the dashing 90s.

What is really hidden behind such high-profile promises? Is it realistic to lose weight in the waist with the help of a slimming corset? Can it be useful to thirst for harmony at all? We reveal the whole truth and try to protect you from mistakes in this article.

Miracle Corset: Mechanism of work

First, let’s see what similar accessories are all about. Corset for weight loss is a strip of elastic fabric, mainly with latex in the composition, placed on stiffeners, and equipped with hooks to adjust the size. The cost of this category of goods varies in quality and price, depending on the “untwisted” brand.

Are Slimming Corsets Really Effective Yes or No

Manufacturers of corsets claim that they:

  • Able to make the waist thinner, without harm to health
  • Help get rid of fat deposits in the abdomen and sides
  • Help to remove moisture from the body during sports
  • “Turn off” the oblique muscles of the press from work
  • Thus avoiding muscle growth in the waist during strength training
  • Even contribute to a decrease in appetite.

In accordance with this, we can name the corset for losing weight the know-how of our time, the acquisition of which allows us to say goodbye to the problem so widespread among women. However, to believe unfounded promises without evidence is not our style, so we will go over all five of the manufacturers’ main promises in order to determine whether they correspond to reality.

In order to do this, we studied a huge amount of information about slimming corsets and real reviews from people who bought this “miracle” of progress. Also, for the “analysis” of some points, we use scientific data on physiological processes in the human body. So, if we are going to discuss “Slimming corset: true or false?” we must have to look at the below.

Thin waist without harm to health

Almost complete lie:

Corset for weight loss, due to stiffening ribs, hooks and the elastic fabric is able to make the waist of its owner visually narrower. But the same effect will be achieved by a regular, linen corset, equipped with vertical “bones”. As for the long-term effect on the abdomen, in order to reduce the waste in volume – it is simply useless, in accordance with physiology.

Human ribs act as “protectors” of the abdominal cavity, and in order for the waist to become thinner due to the pressure exerted on it, the bones will have to move. Theoretically, if you spend most of your life in such a corset, taking it off only during sleep, this is possible. However, it is worthwhile to be prepared for the fact that all internal organs will inevitably suffer in a process that will drag on for decades.

Getting rid of body fat in the abdomen and sides

Falsehood: The real impressions of women from popular Internet resources publishing customer reviews are negative.

So, what is a slimming corset really do? The vast majority of them claim the complete futility of acquiring slimming corsets in order to get rid of fat in the waist and sides. Many note the appearance of “friability” in the abdomen, loss of skin tone, and sagging. The low efficiency of the corset in terms of “burning” body fat is quite predictable: a strip of tissue compressing the abdominal cavity is clearly not a substitute for proper nutrition and training.

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Accelerated removal of moisture from the body

Lies: During waste training with slimming corsets, the fat leaves the body of the athlete due to rapid breathing, along with oxygen, and also through sweat. It is proven that it is the physical activity of a certain intensity, starting from the 20th minute of classes that can cause sweating. Will you wear a corset for weight loss at this moment, or not – it does not matter. In addition, women who bought such a corset note that it is impossible to train with him: he lifts up and interferes with classes.

Network users who purchased this accessory note that in the absence of physical activity, the body does not sweat under the corset. Itching, redness, and pain in the abdominal region when wearing a corset appear, but accelerated removal of moisture from the body does not occur.

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Prevention of waste increases due to the development of oblique abs

Lies: Corset is not able to protect the waist from the development of oblique muscles of the abdomen during training, this is again due to physiology. The fabric with hooks is on top of the body, and the muscle is located inside. The only way to protect yourself from the oblique muscles of the press developing is simply to stop doing exercises for this muscle group.

Decreased appetite

It has long been no secret that hormones are responsible for the appetite in the human body, and the external effect on the abdominal cavity has nothing to do with it. In their reviews of the influence of wearing a corset on the level of desire to eat, netizens adhere to the same opinion: it is useless.

I also want to eat, but many note a pulling pain in the lower abdomen and in the back area after removing the corset. This is due to constant pressure on the internal organs and fixation of the lower back in a non-physiological position.

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Conclusion – The Final Words

Doctors to whom people turn to restore the body after wearing a corset unanimously reiterate its danger to health. Changes in the internal organs in the abdominal region can not only exacerbate chronic diseases in humans but also provoke their appearance. In no case is it recommended to wear any, even linen corsets, for more than 3 hours a day.

Only proper nutrition and sports can make your figure attractive without harm to your health. Everything else is beautiful marketing and empty promises. So, You can keep visiting to get the latest research and updates related to the topics that you are looking for.