Top Nail Trends 2023: Viral Art Of Manicure

Today, we are here to discuss Top Manicure Nail Trends 2022:- The nail color trends change with the speed of light. But, It seemed: universal love for gel polishes is forever. Because, It dries quickly, lasts a long time, looks perfect and is preferred all over the world.

Is this not the best solution in the mode of total lack of time? But the top salons already noticed: customers are increasingly returning to the usual coverage or completely abandoning it.

So far, this trend has been noticeable mainly among businesswomen. The master told the editor-in-chief of SensePot during a manicure in the salon. I think there are two determining reasons: on business trips, there is not always the opportunity to make a correction. Yes, and where to get for this time in a busy schedule. But at the same time, it is not easy to remove long-term coverage yourself.

Top Nail Trends 2023: Viral Art Of Manicure

This takes time and at least a minimal set for a manicure. With varnish is easier: as soon as the manicure has ceased to look neat, you simply erase it. In general, the trend is quite natural: experts are increasingly talking about the toxicity of durable coatings, and technologists and varnishes come up with formulas that you can be sure of. Your manicure will be in order for a week. Plus, let’s be honest, almost all of us injure our nails, trying to remove the coating on our own.

Top Nail Trends: There are Three Categories of Salon Clients Found

In the Explanation “Top Nail Trends” Eleanor Movsisyan (Co-owner of the Nail Sunny chain of art salons) said that Lucky according to my observations, choose three categories of clients. Who does a manicure once a week? These are girls for whom it is important that the manicure is always fresh, and it makes no sense to make gel polish.

The second category – is those to whom gel polish is contraindicated due to the condition of the nail plate or allergies. Customers aged 50+. Here is a tribute to the habit, rather. It happens that a client is going on a long vacation and realizes that there will be nowhere to make a correction. In this case, they also come to the coating with ordinary varnish.

Nail Trend: In most manicure salons

We were assured that clients, although they say that they were tired of long-lasting coatings, were still not ready to return to long-term drying after application and frequent correction of manicure.

“I can’t say whether varnishes are gaining popularity, but absolutely we are starting to get tired of gel polish,” said Albina Karaeva, master of nail service at SLTB beauty and hair extensions studio. Today, more and more clients choose only medical coverage or completely abandon it, limiting themselves to a manicure. Life in the metropolis leaves its mark: we all get tired of the bustle, and we want peace, including on the nails.

“Yes, indeed, many girls have recently chosen varnishes of translucent tones or even completely transparent, because they prefer more natural nails of natural beauty,” agrees a colleague Irina Burdakova from Diviani.

But still, our ladies often make gel coatings, as it is very convenient. Perhaps only in pedicure in winter is lacquer really preferable to gels. Gel polish adds volume to the nail, and pressure on the nail in the shoe increases.

However, perhaps the point is not in demand at all, but in the fact that many salons themselves are not ready to return to varnishes again.

No one will deny that gel coatings are a much more cost-effective story. Especially for small nail services that are built just around this business.

Nail Trends: Beauty salons have different statuses and sizes.

For Nail Trends, The larger the salon, the larger its audience, and the larger range of services it usually offers. And vice versa. Many small companies refuse unpopular services. These, of course, include coating the nails with ordinary varnish, ”explains Anastasia Kim, a manicurist at the MA&MI beauty studio chain.

There are several reasons: firstly, the shelf life of the varnish is much shorter than that of gel varnish. Often it dries faster than the master will use it up to half. Secondly, out of 10 clients, only one wants to varnish their nails. Therefore, today it is unprofitable for small salons to offer ordinary varnish among services.

At the same time, varnish manufacturers look at the future as positively as possible, they do not believe that their coatings lose in popularity.

“With the advent of a large number of gel polish brands and the availability of this service, beauty salons and guests have massively switched to a durable coating, but at the moment the varnish coating has been frequency-adjusted with a durable coating,”

Said Kristina Muslimova, nails team leader at @authentica_club and @peng_msk. – Recently, clients have become more sensitive to the health and condition of nails. A stable coating does not suit everyone. In addition, modern varnishes are also holdfast.

These include, for example, Smith & Cult glitter coatings (lasting from 5–7 days), and new Christina Fitzgerald hybrid varnishes (resistant coating without chips for up to 10 days). In-home care with ordinary varnishes, of course, is much simpler, but choose varnishes with a light texture that are easy to remove and easy to apply. Such varnishes are also in the Smith & Cult line.

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Share with us your favorite nail trends, beauty hackers, and what camp are you from? Still, making a long-lasting coating or switching to regular varnish?