How to Keep Fresh Makeup in the Heat? 10 Useful Tips

Do you think the perfect makeup is more difficult to create at home or keep for the whole day? In our opinion, Long-lasting Makeup it is precisely the creation of lasting makeup that requires skill, because this is a matter that requires practice and compliance with fashion trends. But the preservation of visage is the magical effect of certain cosmetic products and a few secrets in the application technique. Which ones? We will gladly give practical advice and tell you which beauty products can be used to significantly extend the impeccability of the image on your own.

how to keep fresh makeup in the heat at home

Prepping the skin for long-lasting makeup

The first note in the long symphony of make-up is the right preparation of the skin. Moisturize after cleansing. It is better to abandon rich creams in favor of light essences or serums. Firstly, they are quickly absorbed without leaving a greasy film. Secondly, in their formulas, the concentration of useful substances is higher. When choosing a moisturizer, consider your skin type.

The next step in preparing at home is applying a primer. It is rightfully considered a pearl in a summer makeup bag, but it can also be called a reliable “soothing” one. Manufacturers offer multifunctional products with different textures: liquid and dry. For example, the makeup base is responsible for preparing the skin and the durability of other cosmetics. And with primer powder, it’s easy to create makeup on your own that will last all day and help you not to worry about the perfect appearance even at a party until dawn.

Most primers are additionally enriched with SPF filters for sun protection. They perfectly mask enlarged pores, and also do not allow other means to adversely affect the hydro-lipid balance of the skin.

 Makeup in the heat: some useful 10 tips

  • In summer, for long-lasting makeup at home, choose cosmetics with an SPF factor.
  • For applying decorative products, use the “driving in” technique.
  • All liquid texture products are best applied with a brush. So the skin will absorb as much of the product as it needs. The excess will remain on the applicator.
  • To even out skin tone, choose a BB cream or light fluid with a tinting effect, and to mask imperfections, choose a creamy concealer. Fixing powder with a translucent texture will help to complete the preparation of the face on its own. Its silky matte finish glides on with a light veil.
  • The action of the base under the shadows is indispensable because it minimizes the risks of smearing cosmetics on the eyes.
  • For eye makeup for the whole day, use eyeliner instead of a pencil. And for bright accents, choose cream shadows, which, thanks to their special texture, are easy to apply and last long. Tips for choosing cream eyeshadows can be found in our article.
  • To fix the eyebrows, use gel, and to create an expressive look at home, use waterproof mascara.
  • Do not abuse too bright lip glosses because in the heat they can “blur”. With a transparent glossy balm with a slight shimmer, you will always look harmonious. Take note that lip tints are at the top this summer.
  • Lipstick and only she? For summer days, opt for satin. It straddles the line between matte and glossy, providing the perfect balance of smooth coverage and a subtle sheen from within.
  • Permanent makeup at home cannot be considered complete if a blush has not appeared on the cheeks. In the heat, blush with a creamy texture has proven itself well. Trends this year: light shades of peach and pink.

Makeup in the heat

Additional skincare tips for hot weather

The “mood” of long-wear makeup can be different, but additional functions appear among its functions in the summer – sun protection and all-day durability. With the latter, modern achievements in cosmetology come to the rescue. If earlier such beauty products were available only for the stars of the fashion industry, today they are available for everyone without exception. The long-lasting make-up fixer creates an invisible film on the face that is resistant to heat and moisture. Similar products prevent oily sheen, normalizing the production of sebum, additionally moisturizing due to a complex of useful substances, are instantly absorbed, “holding” all the accents in their places. Isn’t it a magic wand for special events when you need to look great from early morning until late at night?

skincare tips for hot weather

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Spray-fixer at home can be used at different stages: on clean skin, after applying individual decorative products, as a final touch, or after each layer of cosmetics. When choosing the necessary means for fixing, pay attention to the marking given by the manufacturer regarding the application.

There are two more months of summer ahead, and after it, autumn will envelop the warmth of summer. Therefore, there is time to work independently on bright images and enjoy your reflection in the mirror.


1. Can I wear makeup when it’s hot outside? Will it melt off?

Yes, you can wear makeup even in hot weather. By following the tips in this article, you can keep your makeup looking good and prevent it from melting off.

2. Do I need to skip moisturizer in hot weather to avoid feeling greasy?

No, it’s important to use moisturizer even in hot weather. Look for lightweight moisturizers that won’t make your skin feel greasy.

3. How often should I touch up my makeup during the day?

How often you need to touch up your makeup depends on your skin type, how hot it is, and what activities you’re doing. But generally, it’s a good idea to blot away any excess oil and touch up your powder throughout the day to keep your makeup fresh.

4. Is it safe to use waterproof makeup every day?

Using waterproof makeup every day is not necessary and may not be the best for your skin. Waterproof formulas can be harder to remove and may irritate your skin if you have to scrub too much.

5. Do I need to use a setting spray?

Using a setting spray is not a must, but it can help your makeup stay in place longer, especially in hot weather. It can also give your skin a refreshing feeling.