How to Achieve Perfect Curls for Short, Medium, and Long Hair {2023}

How to Achieve Perfect Curls for Short, Medium, and Long Hair. Hairstyle is like a magical artifact in computer games. Adds +100 Style and +100 Confidence. She is the finishing touch. You can choose the simplest, basic outfit, and apply a minimum of makeup, but make stylish curls – and you will already look elegant and festive. In addition, learning how to make curls for different hair lengths at home is not so difficult.

Curls for Short Hair

So get ready to master the magic of styling with Perfect Curls for Short different types of stylers!

Understanding Different Hair Lengths

Hairstyles with Curls for Short Hair

Hairstyles with curls for short hair are, in most cases, about volume. They become a real salvation for those who are not lucky enough to have naturally dense hair structures. Depending on the clarity of the curl, such a Perfect Curls for Short hairstyle can emphasize different facets of your mood:

  • Playfulness – light, careless, curly curls;
  • Audacity – lush textural curls of bangs;
  • Sophistication – a neat Hollywood wave.

The easiest option for wrapping is a curling iron. If you have a very short haircut, it is easier to first grab the strand with tongs and then twist it. Then she disheveled – and the cheeky-playful hairstyle is ready.

If the length allows, then lay the strand on the curling iron in the direction from the root to the tips. And then you can either leave it as it is or comb it a little. In the second case, you will get lighter curls with straight tips.

The shape of the strand is affected by the ratio of the position of the iron to the head and the direction of the pull. Personal advice: the more practice, the faster you will be able to find a technique that is convenient for you.

Hairstyles with Curls for Medium Hair

It may seem strange, but medium-length hair offers the most opportunities for unleashing the potential of curl hairstyles. It is easier for them to give the desired shape, because, on the one hand, there is enough length to form curls of different volumes, and on the other hand, the curl remains elastic and does not straighten out due to the weight of the hair. And it takes Perfect Curls for Short less time to create hairstyles for medium hair.

Curls for Medium Hair

For everyday styling, you can use Hailey Bieber’s relaxed beach curls option. To create them, change the position of the iron about the strand, forming a wave with the direction of movement. Use a medium-hold lacquer or texturizing spray to hold the shape and give it more texture.

Hairstyles with Curls for Long Hair

Long hair, on the one hand, makes it easier to create hairstyles by giving room for a series of clear curls, on the other hand, warming up and fixing a curl is sometimes much more difficult. Yes, and you should stock up on patience, especially Perfect Curls for Short if you are lucky enough to have luxurious thick hair.

And this is how the curls look with different winding strands with a curling iron :

The shape of the curls is also affected by the volume of the styler. Curling irons of large diameter on short hair do not have room to unlock their potential, but for real Rapunzel, this is a useful acquisition.

A special sign of vertical curls is an elastic spiral curl. To create it, we wind the strand vertically.

If you usually don’t have much time for styling, here is an option to quickly create light large curls.

Hollywood curls are a sophisticated option for a festive event. Although they can be made to different lengths, it is on long strands that they reveal themselves in all their glory.

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Tips for Making Curls Last Longer At Home

In the previous chapters, you could see many examples of creating hairstyles with curls for different lengths of hair. Let me summarize a few important points:

  • Before you even think about creating curls with iron or curling iron, buy thermal protection. It is possible to spoil curls by the action of high temperatures for one or two, and restoration will require a lot of time and money. Applying heat protection to hair
  • What is redundant is not healthy. Do not burden your hair with excessive amounts of styling products. Too much lather, hair spray, or texturizing spray can cause hair to quickly become greasy and lose volume.
  • To make the hairstyle look more magnificent, the hair can be corrugated at the root.
  • Before winding the strand, warm it slightly along the entire length.
  • Follow the direction of the twist. Of course, playful carelessness is in fashion now, but if you want a more expressive hairstyle, wind the strands in one direction: either away from the face or towards it. Styling with textured curls

Curls Last Longer At Home

  • To create a stylish hairstyle, it is not necessary to work through all the hair. Curls with straight ends look great as accents, it is enough to evenly distribute them around the perimeter of the head. Body waves near the face allow you to only slightly twist the ends at the back and still look amazing!
  • Too clear curls usually look unnatural, and therefore not fashionable. It is advisable to separate them a little with your fingers so that the hairstyle looks at ease.

I hope this collection will be a useful assistant to you in creating fashionable curls. Whether you want expressive vertical curls or careless beach styling, the main thing is to sincerely smile at your reflection!


1. How long do curls usually last?

Curls can stay in your hair for a few hours to a few days. It depends on your hair type and how you make the curls. Some methods make the curls last longer.

2. Can I curl my hair without heat?

Yes, you can! Heat can sometimes damage your hair, so there are other ways to curl it without using hot tools. You can braid or twist your hair or use special rollers that don’t need heat.

3. What can I do if my curls don’t stay?

If your curls don’t last long, there are a few things you can try. You can use stronger hair products, like hairspray, to help the curls stay in place. You can also curl smaller sections of hair or let the curls cool down completely before touching them.

4. Is it okay to curl my hair every day?

Curling your hair every day can harm it because the heat can make your hair weak. It’s better to give your hair breaks from curling to keep it healthy. On days you don’t curl, you can try different hairstyles that don’t need heat.

5. How can I protect my hair from heat damage when curling?

To keep your hair safe from heat damage, use a spray or serum that protects your hair before curling. It creates a shield between your hair and the heat. Also, try not to use really hot settings on your curling tool, and don’t keep the heat on your hair for too long. Using deep conditioning treatments regularly can also help keep your hair healthy.