Most Popular Best Kids Cartoons 2022

Most Popular Best Kids Cartoons 2022 – With cartoons, all people have the brightest, kindest, and most sincere memories that go deep into childhood. This is the time of carelessness and joy. For young children, there is probably no worse punishment than forbidding them to watch their favorite cartoons, because it is they who transfer the kids to the world of fantasy, magic, and adventure, a world where everything is possible.

Cartoons 2022

Best Kids Cartoons Of All Time

Modern Best Kids Cartoons creations have changed so much that they periodically compete with cinema because against the background of colorful and realistic pictures, you can completely relax, immersed in the world of beauty.

Fantasy world

In most Best Kids Cartoons, good triumphs over evil, good characters always find strength and opportunities that help them cope with difficulties, and magic wands and magical creatures easily transfer our imagination far beyond the real.

But is it that simple? Should you completely trust the creators of such animated masterpieces and allow your child to sit for hours in front of TV screens and monitors? It turns out that not all cartoons have a beneficial effect on the development of a small personality, and some individual copies are completely capable of shaking the already delicate psyche of a child.

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How To Protect Your Baby From Harmful Effects

In order to protect your baby from harmful effects, it is necessary to choose the best cartoons for young children, on the basis of which they can learn from a simple plot, learn the seriousness of moral and spiritual values, and draw conclusions that are simply necessary for a particular age.

Time should not be in vain, therefore, even while watching a favorite cartoon, a child should learn and develop.

It is believed that the first Best Kids Cartoons that was shown to the world is Phantasmagoria, shown by Gaumont back in 1908. This cartoon, of course, cannot be compared with modern brethren, primitive light lines on a dark background, which resembled drawing figures with chalk.

Such a copy is unlikely to please your little child, but at one time it was a real revolution, which grew into those realistic, colorful, and inspiring pictures that come to life from the screens of cinemas and home TVs every time.

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How do cartoons affect the minds of babies?

The opinions of parents about the long and frequent viewing of cartoons by children are fundamentally different, some believe that this is a real opportunity to go about their own business, knowing that the child is “in business.”

Cheerful and bright

Best Kids Cartoons all times

Others understand very well that with frequent viewing, vision deteriorates, and the child communicates less and less with parents and peers, completely immersing himself in his own, fictional world of fantasy.

Almost everyone loves to watch interesting Best Kids Cartoons, which allows you to protect your baby from unwanted scenes, which can be violent or other, overly inflated, characters.

To do this, parents just need to first familiarize themselves with the plot of the cartoon and only then provide it to their child. By the way, in order for such views to really bring joy, it is necessary to enter certain permitted hours or days.

Most modern psychologists have come to the conclusion that it is necessary to be very careful about what your children are watching, because, unfortunately, not all cartoons are harmless, and even more so useful for children’s consciousness.

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Parents need to know what their kids are watching

According to statistics, modern children are increasingly finding it difficult to distinguish the difference between good and evil, they do not see an advantage on the part of good characters, because often in cartoons it is not courage, kindness, and prudence that wins, but strength, assertiveness, and sometimes even arrogance.

Small children are increasingly trying to distinguish between characters because instead of a gray bunny, an orange hybrid is running on the screen, which too remotely resembles who it is called. I would like to note that the pedagogical influence in modern paintings has completely lost its former strength, sluggish plots and empty stories simply clog your child’s free time.

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How to protect yourself from this?

Of course, everything is not so bad, there are many worthy works, both of the last century and of the present, that can not only entertain but also teach goodness, and justice, show the importance of friendship and love, lay the foundations of correct behavior and moral foundations.

An excellent example of such works is Soviet cartoons for children, which in their characteristic manner teach children the ideology according to which every worthy person should grow up. All Soviet cartoons are extremely diverse, the best artists, actors, and musicians worked on them, who in their works created worthy masterpieces for centuries.

Here, the confrontation between good and evil is always obvious, which always ends in a positive way, evil heroes are not expressed as bloodthirsty, but rather comical and weak. It is in such stories that the heroes learn to be friends, empathize, and not succumb to evil and betrayal.

Good old classics of the genre

All Best Kids Cartoons differ in one common characteristic feature: “theatrical” production of voice acting, characters can be deliberately emotional, which allows young viewers to easily understand simple truths that are not always discussed in modern works.

But you shouldn’t do too much to disown contemporary art because there you come across really high-quality, kind, and deep cartoons.

Many of them are created on the basis of the latest computer technologies, the pictures are not drawn by hand, but are processed through graphics, which, as a result, turns primitive scenery into castles and landscapes of unprecedented beauty, and the characters are endowed with incredible abilities and external qualities.

List Of High Quality and Interesting Kids Cartoons

Best Kids Cartoons

Of course, it is very difficult to choose the best and the kindest among the sea of ​​various works, but we nevertheless decided to make our own list of the best cartoons for children. Of course, something didn’t fit into it, it simply didn’t fit, and some people won’t like individual pictures, because everyone has their own taste.

And yet, we will present to your attention a list of 20 cartoons, which will consist of half Soviet and half modern films, which, in our opinion, are worthy of children’s attention.

  • “Winnie the Pooh and all all all”
  • “Kid and Carlson”
  • “Three from Prostokvashino”
  • “Cheburashka and Gena the Crocodile”
  • “The Bremen Town Musicians”
  • “Flying ship”
  • “Cipollino”
  • “The Adventures of Pinocchio”
  • “Umka”
  • “Mom for a Mammoth”
  • “WALL-I”
  • “How to Train Your Dragon”
  • “Mermaid”
  • “Glacial period”
  • “Peppy Long Stocking”
  • The Lion King
  • “Girl with matches”
  • “Anastasia”
  • Rapunzel: A Tangled Story
  • “Madagascar”