How To Choose The Best Hairstyle For Men’s Haircuts 2023

How To Choose The Best Hairstyle For Men Haircuts 2023. Whatever Face Shape You Choose, it looks good! People always say “Good Looking People, what they do for good-looking!” It seems that people who look good look are suitable for what to wear and what hairstyle to wear. Actually otherwise this is true.

How To Choose The Best Hairstyle For Men 2023

Want a hairstyle that looks comfortable, even a little handsome! They must learn to avoid weaknesses. You choose a suitable hairstyle, exposing their strengths, their weaknesses shelter.

In order to easily find the hairstyle that suits you, according to the characteristics of the face shape and head shape, we simply classify the face types into categories:

Egg Face, pentagonal face, square face, long face, diamond face, round face, triangular face

How To Choose The Best Hairstyle For Men's Haircuts

Goose Egg Face/ Melon Seed Face

In order to get the best hairstyle for men, The forehead is full, almost the same width as the sacrum, the mandible is rounded, and the chin is slightly pointed; the proportion is coordinated, and the face width is about two-thirds of the face length.

Choosing a hairstyle is relatively easy, you can try almost any hairstyle: broken hair, Pompadour, undercut back, ultra-short inch head, side split hair, side distribution, aircraft head, short inch flat head

Pentagonal Face/ Character Face

The forehead is full, the cheekbones and mandible are as wide or the mandible is slightly narrower, and the contours of the face are clearly defined with chins; most people with pentagonal faces have slightly obvious Massenet muscles.

There are many choices for this type of face hairstyle: layered side splits, pompadour heads, gradient airplane heads, and short broken hair

Square Face

The forehead is full, the cheekbones are equal to the mandible or the mandible is slightly narrower, the face width is closer to the face length, the overall face shape is square or rectangular, and the chin is short or flat.

Pay attention to simple hairstyles, it is best not to have bangs: side split backcomb, short straight head, gradient aircraft head, upper comb hair

Long Face/ Mesh Face

The width of the face is significantly smaller than the longitudinal length.

Men with longer faces are better to choose layered short hair, with a part of the side divided hair on both sides; or a hairstyle with bangs that can cover up part of the length. The following hairstyles are recommended: short broken hair, short side splits, short bangs, natural bangs

Diamond Face

The diamond face needs to pay attention to the hair on the head to be fluffy, and cover a small forehead with a part of bangs, or the hair on both sides of the temples is not shaved to increase the width of the upper part of the head shape; after older, you can also leave a beard to increase the width of the chin: Broken hair, short bangs, side oiler, and natural bangs.

Round Face

When choosing a hairstyle for a round face, you need to pay attention to reducing the width of the face; and increasing the length of the face: side split backcomb, gradient inch head, undercut back head, and gradient pompadour.

Triangular Face/ Trapezoidal Face

Triangular faces are also called pear-shaped faces. The main features are a narrow forehead, fleshy face, or wide mandible.

Because the forehead is narrow and the face is large, whether it is a fat face or a large mandible, you need to be careful when choosing a hairstyle. Do not clean the hair on both sides of the forehead. It is best to leave a part of the same width as the face, or The hair on the head is fluffy, increasing the width of the upper part of the head or covering the small forehead: rear combing hair, broken hair, layered aircraft head, natural bangs. You may also find here latest fashion and lifestyle articles here.