5 Major SEO Mistakes To Avoid In 2023

5 Most Common SEO Mistakes

Hi friends, I’m your well-wisher, today I’m gonna break down the five worst mistakes entrepreneurs make with their SEO. Before we go further, make sure you have bookmarked my website and turned on the notification. So let’s dive right into the five biggest mistakes.

5 Major SEO Mistakes To Avoid

Mistake # 01 Optimizing for the wrong keywords:-

Most newcomers are used to optimizing for the wrong keywords as well as trying to rank for even competitive keywords. This is one of the major SEO Mistakes in 2022. Early this is a mistake that a lot of new businesses make early on. According to experts, It’s an issue that could be avoided really easily. Because, here’s the thing if a keyword is super competitive the chances are you’re not gonna rank for it.

At the same time, If a keyword won’t convert well ranking for it isn’t gonna drive you any sales. Actually, that’s not hard to solve this problem. All you have to do is go to popular online tools like Ubersuggest and just type in your competitor’s URL. Click on top pages it’ll show you all their top pages.

I want you to click on View all underestimated visits this was really all the keywords that your competition is going after. These keywords are more likely to convert into sales than just picking random keywords the next thing I want you to do is to go to vs option. Once you have a list of keywords type them in and it’ll give you all these ideas. You will also get several other comparison words prepositions and other ideas. So, now you will have the way that you can go after.

Here’s the thing when you’re doing this. You can’t just go after any random keyword. But, You need to look for keywords that have a high CPC. Because, if someone has a paying a lot of money to advertise on it. You can bet that it probably converts highly into sales. The other thing you need to look for is a low SD sense for SEO difficulty. So, the lower the numbers such as in the 40s 30s, or 20s is great at the moment. If you get above 50 for a new site it’s just gonna be harder to rank look for those two things plus high volume.

So, the higher the volume higher the CPC, and the lower the ST or SEO difficulty the better that keyword is. Those are the ones you want to go after and when you do that you’re more likely to get some sales.

Mistake # 02 Lake Of Using Analytics & Website Audit

Watching google analytics and performing a website audit is the key to ranking your site on top. If you are avoiding or overlooking Google analytics, it is one of your worst SEO mistakes in 2022. If you don’t, it will be one of the big mistakes that companies make all the time. Because, if you don’t have analytics set up and I’m not just talking about your visits. Do you have gold tracking set in place conversion tracking? Do you know what pages what content is driving the sales? Do you know what visitors are?

For example, a visitor from California may not be worth the same as a visitor from New York or Texas, or any other region. Look, many people act on the advice that they get online. When you do that’s fine but if that advice isn’t converting into revenue. Who cares, So, when you’re getting all this SEO advice. That people are giving you and you’re implementing but it’s not converting into revenue.

Just stop doing that what you need to do is look at the core metrics that are driving your sales. You need to just focus on them. In addition, you need to be running a regular site audit. Therefore, you can also do this within the site audit report within ubersuggest for free. Because I’ll tell you what’s wrong and as you fix them. You should notice more conversions and sell within your analytics.

Mistake # 03 – The Overlooking Page Titles & Meta Descriptions

Look if one site ranks number one on Google and another site ranks number two. But, everyone starts clicking the number two. Let’s see what do you think that tells Google. Hey, the number two listing is more relevant than the number one. The listing doesn’t matter if the number one has more backlinks or better on-page SEO. Just have a look at user metrics.

So, think about coffee persuasive coffee start looking at the paid ads. Typically, the people at the top aren’t just paying the most but they’re getting a lot of clicks. Exams Google makes a lot more money and that’ll help you do well. Now with your meta descriptions try to keep them around 160 characters if they’re too long.

What you’ll find is they won’t get cut off try to be punchy. You have the keywords in the title tag the meta descriptions closer to the beginning. Because it should help you get more clicks. You may also want to know Shocking Facts About Intermittent Fasting For Weight Loss 2022.

Mistake # 04 – Not Using Anchor Tag Properly

If you’re going after a keyword, like online marketing all your anchor text shouldn’t say online marketing. When other sites link to you and even when you’re doing internal links. All your anchor texts shouldn’t say online marketing. Because it needs to be natural sometimes. I’m writing a blog post and I’m linking to my post on SEO. I’ll say hey if you want to rank higher on Google follow these tips.

You’ll notice that I didn’t use the word SEO right there. Sometimes, when I am talking about my SEO article. I’ll say hey you need to check out these SEO tips and I’ll link the word SEO tips to that article. In other words, I’m rotating it up. I’m having a lot of random keywords some are brand-oriented, some are random, and some are related to the article. Because, by doing this, it’s natural.

I’m not doing this. Because I’m trying to manipulate Google. I’m trying to do this, because, I’m doing what’s best for the user. Therefore, I want it to flow naturally as if someone’s reading it. First is just stuffing in a keyword and when you do that you’ll find that you’ll rank higher. Same as compare, if all your links say the same anchor text Google’s gonna know that you’re trying to manipulate them.

The easy way to see your rankings start climbing and then you’ll notice all of a sudden boom. They start dipping and they keep dipping more and more. It’s because your anchor text is too rich.

Mistake # 05 – Building Content For Algorithms, Not For Audience

Look at the end of the day, Google has algorithm updates like ‘i write which is all about Authority expertise Trust. They have algorithms like Berk which are optimizing for natural language processing. In other words, they do not want you to create content for just their ball. They’re trying to adapt their algorithm to optimize for what humans want.

So, think big picture don’t be really close-minded be like. Like, hey my competition is really spammy and they’re creating content just for Google and keywords or something. So, I’m gonna do that it’s not about your word count it’s not about stuffing keywords in your article. But, it’s all about doing what’s best for a user. Moreover, if you write content for them in the long run you’ll do really well.

What I see people doing is like, oh I’m gonna write some content for Google and some call just for people. No, write content for people first even if Google doesn’t like it. Then try to optimize that article for search engines as well as make sure you do have the right keywords in there. I promise you, it flows well you have the right internal linking, good on-page SEO. But, that means that the article is not that optimized. Because you wrote it for people instead of search engines.

That’s okay in the long run that’ll help you rank the highest and beat your competition. Now if you need more advice climb higher in Google and improve your rankings. Keep visiting from time to time for more useful updates. Of course, if you enjoy the article, and like it, and share it with your friends and team members. Don’t forget to tell other people about it. Thank you for being with us.