5 Top Braided Hairstyles for Short, Medium & Long Hair

Hairstyles with braids are a cool solution for women and girls both for every day and Braided Hairstyles for a holiday. They look beautiful and original, you can find options for short, medium, and long hair, and it’s easy to add festive accents with the help of flowers, accessories, and colored strands. With a little practice – and now you are already creating beauty for yourself, your girlfriend, or your daughter.

Types of Braided Hairstyles

I have collected weaving ideas for you, which you can master at home, even if your hands are not yet too dexterous. The proposed options are suitable for both women and girls, so I couldn’t take out children’s hairstyles with weaves separately. If you want a separate article with examples for your daughter, write in the comments.

Types of Braided Hairstyles

Pigtails near the face for short and long hair

This summer’s trendy hairstyle mentally sends us back to zero. Suitable for both short and long hair. Remember, in the article about trendy glasses, they said that the fashion of the past often finds a new reading? Same story with hair.

Hailey Bieber, Ariana Grande, and even J. Lo has been spotted with trendy pigtails on their face!

Such weaving can be combined indefinitely with other elements :

  • Connect with loose hair;
  • Add wet effect curls;
  • Make horns, a bun, or a smooth tail.

Beautiful hairstyles with braids and loose hair

Braids will become faithful helpers if you want to add zest to the image. You can combine weaving with both smooth-flowing hair and curls. Pigtails can act as a hoop or hug your head romantically. Depends on mood and desire. By the way, this is quite a popular option for wedding hairstyles.

braided loose hairstyles

Original braided tail

If a simple ponytail seems boring and bland, add a trendy braid accent to it. For example, singer DUA LIPA has been spotted wearing a pigtail on multiple occasions.

They can either mask the gum or become part of the tail itself. The complexity depends only on your practice and imagination.

Hairstyles with two braids for everyday

You can easily master the everyday options for weaving braids on your own. Experiment: make them both parallel to each other and braid crosswise, pulling out strands to make voluminous braids.

And if your own hair length is not enough, you can buy kanekalon and weave with colored strands using the “ French braid ” technique.

Beautiful braids and weaves with flowers

This an exciting option for a stylish hairstyle for a photo shoot, wedding, and special occasion. Flowers will be a beautiful and delicate accent of the image. Also, weaving can be supplemented with pearls or other accessories. And a scarf will perfectly fit into everyday hairstyles

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braided hairstyles with flowers

I hope you liked the proposed options for light hairstyles with pigtails. As you can see, the combination of different weaves gives a fantastically stylish result, and it does not take much time to create such beauty. The key is practice, practice, and more practice! Try one of the options today.


1. How long do braided hairstyles last?

Braided hairstyles can last for a few days up to several weeks, depending on the type of braids and how well you take care of them. Simple braids like the ones you learn in school might last a few days, while fancy braids like the ones you see at parties can stay in for a few weeks if you’re careful.

2. Can I sleep with braided hair?

Yes, you can sleep with braided hair. It’s actually a good idea because it keeps your hair from getting all messy and tangled while you’re sleeping. Just make sure to tie your braids up with a soft scarf or use a special pillowcase made of smooth material to protect your braids.

3. Are braided hairstyles good for all types of hair?

Braided hairstyles work for different hair types. Whether you have straight hair, wavy hair, or curly hair, there’s a braided style that can suit you. However, it’s important to remember that some braids might work better with certain hair types. So, it’s always a good idea to ask a grown-up or a hairstylist for advice.

4. How can I prevent my braids from getting frizzy?

To prevent your braids from getting frizzy, there are a few things you can do. First, make sure your hair is clean and moisturized before you start braiding. Also, avoid touching or playing with your braids too much because it can make them frizzier. If you want to make your braids look shiny and smooth, you can try using a little bit of special oil or serum made for hair.

5. Can I go swimming with braided hair?

Yes, you can go swimming with braided hair. Braids are great for swimming because they keep your hair secure and prevent it from getting tangled in the water. However, it’s important to rinse your hair with clean water after swimming to get rid of any chlorine or saltwater. Also, wearing a swimming cap can help protect your braids while you’re in the water.