10 Stunning Evening Make-Up Ideas to Make You Stand Out

Evening make-up implies a rather bright but at the same time harmonious image for going to a restaurant, club, theater, wedding, or party. It can (and should!) deepen the color, use shimmers, false eyelashes, and brighter shades that you don’t use in everyday life. And in this article, we will talk about how to make your look stylish and stunning.

simple evening makeup

This collection is dedicated to make-ups that are appropriate in real life and will make you look 10 out of 10. But there are also bright images here, so it won’t be boring!

Evening makeup rules

Compared to the daytime make-up, there are much fewer rules in the evening. But they are there and it is important to consider them before you pick up brushes and start creating a spectacular image. Here are the most important ones:

  • Choose the main makeup colors so that they are combined with each other and with the whole image. Do not forget that taking into account the temperature of the shades is also important. If you do cold eye makeup and at the same time use warm peach blush, the image will not be harmonious.
  • Choose what you will focus on – on the eyes or lips. You should not highlight both of these zones at the same time, so as not to get makeup from the 90s. Although for a themed party, this is an option.
  • Glitter – yes! But also in moderation. Accent shine, like color, is best left for one area – lips, eyes, or cheekbones. If you’re using a super-shine highlighter, then opt for satin eyeshadows, and if you’re doing eye makeup with sparkling pigments, opt for a more subdued highlighter and a semi-matte lipstick.

Life hacks for flawless makeup for the exit

We figured out the basic rules, but there are a few more recommendations that will help you create the perfect holiday makeup.

  • One of the most important beauty rules says – make-up under the lighting under which you will “wear” it. That is why for a daytime look it is better to paint near a window, and for an evening look – under artificial light. In the latter case, it is important that the lighting is sufficient and versatile – so you can evaluate the result of your efforts from different angles and correct all possible nuances.
  • When choosing decorative products for an evening look, it is better to rely on persistent products. If the mascara – then Waterproof, if the tone – then Long Lasting, and do not forget to use the make-up base before fixing the spray. This will allow you to be sure that your make-up will remain in place, no matter how much you dance or laugh to tears.
  • If you want to highlight your eyes with shimmer shadows, it’s better to start your make-up with them. Sequins are an insidious thing, and sparkling particles that have crumbled onto a tone are difficult to remove without spoiling anything. It’s easier to first make up the eyes, and then move on to the face makeup.
  • To make your eyes look even brighter and more expressive, use false eyelashes. In the evening make-up, both neat bunches glued to the outer corner of the eyes, as well as thick and long ones for a dramatic look, are appropriate.

Evening makeup rules

And now let’s move on to practical examples, what kind of evening makeup can be created for different types of appearances?

Smokey Eyes

The smokey eye is a makeup technique that will probably never go out of trend. The fashion for shades will change, but in itself, such make-up will always remain relevant. Largely due to the fact that it can be adapted to any eye and hair color, and it is also ideal for impending eyelids.

Forget about aggressive black smokies from the 2000s – there are hundreds of variations of this makeup, and among them, you can definitely choose the one that suits you. For evening make-up, this technique allows you to use any texture of shadows: matte, satin, metallic, or glitter.

For “warm” blondes, brunettes, and redheads, these shades are great:

  • Golden;
  • Bronze;
  • Warm brown;
  • Terracotta.

Owners of a cold undertone of skin and hair will be relevant:

  • Silver and platinum shades;
  • Violet;
  • Steel blue;
  • Cold brown (taupe).

To create a smokey eye, line the lash line and mucous membranes on the upper and lower eyelids with a dark Kayal, then apply and carefully blend the shadows, creating a soft haze. It is not necessary to make the eyeliner black – a dark gray or brown outline will look softer and more elegant. And it is better to make shadows in several shades so that it is easier to create a smooth transition. Don’t forget: if you’re doing smokey, limit yourself to nude lipstick or lip gloss.

Lip Make-up Ideas

Bright lips are always spectacular and seductive. Classic red lipstick, marsala, shades of burgundy, pink, and plum – choose any of them and you will definitely not be left without attention. In an evening look, a well-defined contour, as well as semi-matte or satin textures, looks best. Complement rich lipstick with light shadows and small arrows and your perfect evening look is ready.

By the way, bright lips will help you quickly transform your everyday makeup into a festive one. If the event is in the evening, and after work, you don’t have time to drop in the home for a marathon, just put your “day off” lipstick in your purse. Just 2 minutes at the mirror – and voila!

Lip Make-up Ideas

Evening make-up Ideas

Makeup with arrows is another classic that will perfectly complement your elegant look. Since the rules of evening makeup give us more freedom, it’s a sin not to use it.

Everything fits here:

  • Elongated expressive arrows;
  • Double;
  • With the effect of “cat” eyes;
  • Clear and graphic;
  • Soft and fluffy.

You can also choose any texture – matte, glossy, glitter, or metallic. You can stop at a win-win jet black, or you can consider more original options. For example, blondes with blue, green, or gray eyes are perfect brown or bronze arrows, and burning brunettes with both brown and light eyes – gray-blue or rich purple.

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For graphic arrows, choose liquid eyeliner, and for shaded ones – Kayal or pencil. Tip: if you chose the latter option, do not forget to fix it with shadows of the same color.

Overall Evening Make-up Ideas

It is generally accepted that evening make-up cannot be easy. But naturalness is in trend today, so your favorite nude makeup can be adapted to the weekend look.

The main advice is to choose shades of decorative cosmetics a couple of shades darker than you use every day and do more intense contouring. A little more shine on the mobile eyelid, a darkened outer corner, well-dyed eyelashes, and delicate lipstick will help create a spectacular evening nude.

Another winning option is semi-matte eye makeup, light lips, and soft strobing with the effect of wet skin. This will allow your face to shine under the light of the lamps. If you have an open neckline, then for a wow effect, emphasize it with a highlighter.

Tips and Tricks for Evening Make-up

Tired of being nude and wanting to break away to the fullest? No problem! Bright smokey, contrasting multi-colored makeup or stylish monochrome – you can experiment with this for an evening look.

If you want to get rich shades on the eyes, it is best to use dry pigments. In fact, this is a color in its purest form, they give maximum brightness. Don’t forget to apply eyeshadow base or pigment glue before you start to keep everything reinforced concrete.

You can take two bright shades of shadows that will not be too contrasting with each other – for example, pink and purple, blue and green, gray-blue and silver. To make the image harmonious, it is better to choose complex dusty colors, they look “more expensive”. Paint over the upper eyelid with the main shade, and the lower eyelid with the auxiliary one. Add a neat arrow and false eyelashes, and, if you wish, complement the makeup with neon eyeliner on the inner and outer corners of the eye.

The monochrome makeup in bright colors also looks stylish. Pick up shadows and lipstick identical in shade and texture – this will be the basis of your image.

And then, as usual: a small arrow, thickly painted or false eyelashes, and a little blush. In such juicy make-up, you should not do aggressive contouring and use a dazzling highlighter. Here, contrary to the rules, to single out only one zone, the main feature is in the combination of bright, but at the same time one-color eyes and lips, everything else should be as natural as possible.

Evening makeup may look complicated to perform, but in fact, it can be done without any problems at home. To do this, you only need the desire to look stunning, decorative cosmetics suitable for your image (and not necessarily luxury), and a little practice.