30 Valentine’s Day Nail Ideas and Designs for 2023

You can be in a couple and get ready for a date, you can be in an active search or enjoy the status of a free girl. But Valentine’s Day is approaching and you involuntarily start looking for themed nail design ideas. After all, why limit yourself to options for creating a romantic mood?

nail color ideas for valentine's day

Prepared for you a selection for:

  • Passionate red manicure;
  • Delicate design in pink shades;
  • A stylish version of a romantic jacket;
  • Cheeky nails in black.

And of course: hearts, hearts, hearts in a stylish, not pop incarnation! How to stop at only one option until February 14 is unknown. But if you can decide on a favorite, write in the comments what design you decided to implement!

Valentine’s Day Manicure Colors

Playing with color is the easiest technique in nail design. Let’s start with him!


Wanted to emphasize the passion for nature? Then, of course, we stop at the Krasny station. Find your depth and color saturation, and in the meantime, see how easy and fun it is to style.


Here you have gentle, elegant shades close to nude, a juicy raspberry palette, and fuchsia. Which image is closer to the mood: a cute young lady or a daring adventurer?


It would seem, where is black, and where is Valentine’s Day? They are complete opposites! But I have to argue with you. In this color, there are many options for a fashionable and original design for both short and long nails.


2023 trends are actively throwing this color in the manicure recommendation for February 14th. So if the traditional colors of Valentine’s Day bored you over the previous years, why not take a closer look at the beautiful blue nail design ideas?

Valentine's Day Manicure Colors

This is just a small part of the colors in which you can make a manicure for Valentine’s Day. Modern palettes of gel polishes allow you to experiment endlessly, and below I will show interesting options for a jacket, drawings, and fashionable and original designs for short and long nails.

February 14: interesting ideas

My favorite part of the collection. The scope for creativity with a jacket for Valentine’s Day is simply endless. But a few fashionable techniques for creating a beautiful manicure can still be distinguished:

  • Transparent french;
  • Hearts in the center of a smile;
  • Minimalistic jacket + heart in the middle of one of the nails;
  • Asymmetrical smile design.

Design with hearts and other patterns

It’s time for manicure ideas, which very often appear in requests before February 14th. Hearts! Get ready to see them on long nails, on short ones, and in different shades and combinations:

  • Hearts as part of the drawing at the hole;
  • Combination with gold or silver ribbon;
  • Gradient hearts with sparkles in the center;
  • Tic-tac-toe for lovers;
  • Hearts with eyes.

If red, pink, and even black hearts seem elegant to you, but too simple and banal manicure options with a pattern, then here are some more fashionable original ideas:

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  • Lips and kisses;
  • Love message envelopes;
  • Flower petals;
  • Love clouds.

Design with hearts Nail Ideas

Manicure for short nails on Valentine’s Day

Not all design options look fashionable and stylish on short nails. It is definitely better to refuse the “rich” format.

But a minimalist jacket is a chic option for short nails. Creates a sense of elegance and luxury. In general, all simple, gentle ideas should be added to your piggy bank, and from time to time combined with expressive, bold color accents.

Design for long nails on Valentine’s Day

Manicure for long nails allows you to fully realize the desire to experiment. Even a simple monochromatic manicure, thanks to a change in shape, can look different every time. And what can we say, if you add the design trends of 2023, play with a combination of techniques and patterns!

Ideas for a beautiful manicure for Valentine’s Day can be shared for a long time! And no one will forbid implementing it even after February 14th. Because the seasonal calendar is very conditional. The main thing is to listen to your heart and its desires!


1. What are some popular Valentine’s Day nail designs?

Some popular Valentine’s Day nail designs include heart-shaped patterns, glitter accents, ombre shades, floral designs, and romantic messages.

2. Can I create Valentine’s Day nail art at home?

Yes, you can easily create Valentine’s Day nail art at home. There are many tutorials and guides available online that can help you achieve the perfect Valentine’s Day manicure.

3. What colors should I use for my Valentine’s Day nails?

The most popular colors for Valentine’s Day nails are red, pink, and white. However, you can also experiment with other shades such as purple, gold, and silver.

4. How can I make my Valentine’s Day nails last longer?

To make your Valentine’s Day nails last longer, make sure to apply a base coat before applying nail polish. Also, avoid hot water and harsh chemicals that can chip your nails. You can also use a topcoat to seal in the color and prevent chipping.

5. What are some easy Valentine’s Day nail designs for beginners?

Some easy Valentine’s Day nail designs for beginners include simple heart patterns, glitter accents, ombre shades, and polka dots. You can also use nail stickers and decals to create intricate designs without much effort.

6. How do I remove Valentine’s Day nail polish?

To remove Valentine’s Day nail polish, use a gentle nail polish remover and cotton pads. Apply the remover to the pad and press it onto the nail for a few seconds before rubbing it off. Make sure to moisturize your nails and cuticles after removing the polish.